Bob makes a sad discovery about Manpreet after tragedy in Emmerdale

Bob makes an effort to assist (Images: ITV)

After Ethan (Emile John) suddenly passed away at home, the Anderson family in Emmerdale was left in ruins.

This occurred on the day when Ethan was scheduled to appear in court for driving violations after an accident in which Nicky Miligan (Lewis Cope) suffered severe injuries.

After the event, Ethan admitted to his father Charles (Kevin Mathurin) that he had been Nicky’s driver when he was injured and that he had left the scene because he was worried about what would happen to his career.

In response, Charles turned him in to the police, a choice that has troubled him ever since, especially in light of his son’s unexpected death.

Charles’s sadness has caused him to shut everyone out, which has negatively impacted his relationships with his mother Claudette (Flo Wilson) and girlfriend Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker).

The hit-and-run incident that Ethan was a part of just before his collapse is known to Charles and the rest of the family, and Charles believes this is what might have killed his son.

Ruby Fox-Miligan, played by Beth Cordingly, was the driver in the hit-and-run. She wanted retribution for what Ethan had done to her son, but at the moment, Charles isn’t aware that Ruby was involved.

In subsequent episodes, Charles will be struggling to accept his son’s untimely death, even after it was determined that Ethan’s death was caused by an aneurysm and that the hit-and-run wasn’t the main reason. And he’s venting his sorrow and rage on Manpreet.

As Ethan passed away, Charles and Manpreet were inside him (Picture: ITV)
Charles has had difficulty since (Image: ITV)

Charles ended up drinking a lot after Ethan’s burial, which was a heartbreaking time in the Woolpack. When Manpreet attempted to assist him, he furiously rejected her and urged her to go, hurting her.

Claudette is concerned about Charles and Manpreet’s connection in the next episodes.

Even though Claudette didn’t like Manpreet when she first moved to the hamlet, the two women have become closer lately, and Claudette now has respect for the GP. She exhorts Manpreet to defend her connection with her.

Manpreet comes to the B&B to reserve a room for the night, but it seems that her efforts are in vain.

It pains Tony Audenshaw’s character Bob Hope to see her there. Having lost his own son in an automobile accident just a few months before, he is in a better position than most to comprehend Charles’s situation.

Can he communicate with Charles on Manpreet’s behalf?

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