Coronation Street fans ‘expose’ Cassie Plummer’s sinister plan for Ken Barlow

Coronation Street viewers have seen Cassie Plummer become Ken Barlow’s carer following his nasty fall

Watchers of Coronation Street have seen Cassie Plummer step in to take care of Ken Barlow after his unfortunate accident.

Ken Barlow (played by Bill Roache) of Coronation Street seems to be headed for some trouble. This month, ITV viewers saw the longtime resident suffer a serious fall that left him in need of treatment to heal from his wounds.

The Barlow family couldn’t afford a professional caretaker, but Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney) learned about their situation and volunteered to assist. Cassie informed Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) that she had previously taken care of an ex-boyfriend, despite her admission that she had any credentials.

Steve reluctantly agreed, choosing to remain silent to Ken about Cassie’s lack of credentials. But when she showed up for her first shift, the truth was quickly revealed.

She was not coming from a caring organisation, and when Ken saw her rummaging through his possessions to try to locate his prescription, he was not thrilled with her professionalism. Angry with the falsehoods that had been revealed, Steve decided to let her go and admitted that he had recruited her because of his financial difficulties.

Watchers saw Cassie visit the house again on Wednesday night to get her keys, which led to a heart-to-heart conversation between her and Ken. Steve subsequently saw them laughing together while playing a game, so it was obvious their talk had altered his mind.

Cassie Plummer has started caring for Ken Barlow after his fall (Image: ITV)

Ken informed his family that he would be the one paying Cassie to take care of him, even though he now has no issues with her doing so despite her lack of credentials.

Soon after, fans began to voice their opinions on the developing plot on Twitter. Many expressed concern that Cassie, a former addict, may eventually exploit her position.

“Cassie is obviously going to steal something valuable off Ken and then flog it [sic],” said @RyanTheSoapking in a remark. On social media, someone else said, “Cassie is after Ken’s cash now.”

Coronation Street fans are fearful Cassie will take advantage of Ken (Image: ITV)

@rookery_hornet tweeted: “Cassie is clearly trying to get attention from Ken.” “Cassie is sucking Ken right in,” said @1stLadyHooligan, while @StuartYoung001 remarked, “#Corrie @itvcorrie.” [Sic] Where is Cassie now playing and what is her goal?

“I wouldn’t trust Cassie, Ken thought you were the intelligent one,” a fan of @Boppity_Boo34 cautioned. “I hope Cassie doesn’t take advantage of Ken,” another admirer said.

Ken Barlow could find himself in trouble with Cassie Plummer looking after him (Image: ITV)

If old habits resurface, will Cassie end up stealing Ken’s money while he lets her stay in his house?

Actress Claire Sweeney has already discussed her part in the ITV soap opera, going into depth about her nuanced persona.

“I love Cassie, I hope the audience loves her as much as I do,” she said in an interview. She has a lot of issues, is disturbed, and is vulnerable. I want her to get her act together while I read the script.

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