Coronation Street fans point out blunder as Toyah faces crippling court fees amid ‘Institute’ backlash

As viewers of the ITV soap know, the character has been railing against the Institute due to her sister Leanne’s involvement

Coronation Street’s Toyah Battersby (Image: ITV)

Supporters of Coronation Street believe they have discovered a few errors that may strengthen Toyah Batterby’s case, since she is facing exorbitant legal costs due to criticism from the Institute. Because of her sister Leanne’s participation, the character has been fuming against the Institute, as fans of the ITV soap opera are aware.

Earlier this week, Toyah and Nick Tilsley were spotted kissing, bonding over their struggles to get partner and sister Leanne to see any wrong with mentor Rownan Cunliffe and the Institute. This was especially true after it was recently revealed that Toyah had been speaking with an AI version of her late son, Oliver, which the group had given her.

Watchers watched Leanne come home after Wednesday night’s journey to the cobbles after she spent the night apart from Nick following his ultimatum that she had to decide between her family and the Institute.

Leanne was immediately questioned about the nature of her connection with Rown, but she firmly maintained that she would never be disloyal to Nick. This made Nick feel even worse about kissing Toyah, and they eventually came to the conclusion that their kiss was an error.

But when Rowan showed up with something to show her, Leanne abruptly departed the Bistro during a busy lunch service, leaving Nick and Toyah in a rage. After taking Leanne to a hotel, Rowan was joined by Willow, the CEO of The Institute, who informed Leanne that she will soon be permitted to bring new members into the organisation.

As Toyah was getting ready for her court date in her lawsuit against The Institute, she got a call informing her that Leanne had suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident. Toyah raced to Weatherfield General without thinking, so she was taken aback to see that there was no documentation of Leanne’s hospital check-in.

Toyah found Leanne and raced to the hospital. (Photo: ITV)

Leanne was seen supporting Rowan at the court hearing after being persuaded to go along with him, but it soon became apparent that everything was a hoax. The judge, who had been duped into not appearing in court, granted The Institute an injunction and had Toyah pay £15,000 in court costs for her tardiness.

Subsequently, Towan proposed a compromise to Toyah, promising The Institute would withdraw the lawsuit against her in exchange for her signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and vowing never to disparage the organisation in public again.

But when Toyah went to the automobile to find out why the guy was following her after seeing him observing her from his vehicle many times throughout the day, the driver sped off without answering any of her questions. “They’re attempting to frighten me,” Toyah said. “I’m not sure how much more of this I can handle. It was successful. I’m done for now. I’ll put my signature on their shoddy NDA.”

Toyah received a large bill.

However, Corrie fans believe Toyah might have bolstered her case in a number of ways. @chief_banker inquired: “Why can’t Toyah ask the receptionist at the hospital to verify the fact that she’d been there is a state of distress asking about Leanne? #corrie.”

@Twig9876 replied: “So why didn’t Toyah call the number back or if withheld, take Leanne to the hospital, she’d be on cctv looking for Leanne #corrie.” @tjc5981 wrote: “… You’re telling me the hospital wouldn’t vouch for her being there asking about her sister…”

As said on Twitter by @chief_banker: “Toyah, get the registration number, LP18 HKA, and speak with Craig. #corrie. @Juani983 echoed: “Toyah must give Old Bill the car registration.” #Corrie. “Poor toyah, she doesn’t deserve that. Why didn’t they use their phone to take a picture of the mystery car number plate?” @sheenaroe tweeted.That happened again in the same area. I believe it may be Rowan or Toyah’s mother, the deceased spouse.” @lipdawe stated: “The first thing I would’ve done is take down the number plate.”

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