Coronation Street fans slam ‘unforgivable’ move as they spot ‘Ken’s next wife’

As viewers of the ITV soap have seen, Ken has been of concern to his family after he fell down the stairs and fractured his pelvis

Ken Barlow in Coronation Street (Image: ITV)

Fans of Coronation Street made jokes about Ken Barlow perhaps finding his next wife while criticising a character for what they called a “unforgivable” action.

As fans of the ITV soap opera have witnessed, Ken’s family has been worried about him since he broke his pelvis in a fall down the stairs. After discussing possible care package alternatives for the Barlow patriarch, Steve McDonald, Amy Barlow, and Daniel Osbourne found themselves wondering how in the world they were going to pay for it.

They had no idea that Cassie Plummer was paying attention and offering to take care of Ken for a fifth of the cost of a professional caretaker. Cassie was ecstatic when Steve grudgingly consented, since Daniel and Amy thought it was an excellent idea. The family did, however, agree not to inform Ken about Cassie’s ineligibility.

Fans watched Cassie begin her new job as a receptionist at the garage during Wednesday night’s (June 19) trip to Weatherfield. However, things quickly went wrong when Cassie made fun of Ken’s late wife, soap opera legend Deirdre Barlow, after discovering her famous glasses in the drawer.

Cassie had just poured Ken a cup of tea and was searching through his furnishings for medicine when she came upon a set of glasses. To Ken’s dismay, she put them on and spun around, saying, “Hey, the 1980s have called, they want their specs back.”

She went on, “Never had you down as a style icon, Ken,” to which a composed Ken shot back, saying, “They belonged to my late wife, Deirdre.” Sheepishly putting the spectacles back, Cassie apologised. I was just having fun.”

Cassie was seen wearing Deidre’s glasses

However, people flocked to social media to remark on the scenario very quickly. @penniless_poet stated: “Cassie – now very dare you – you’ve touched the sacred glasses of our blessed Deidre #Corrie.” Comment from @JamieSummersTV: “No, Cassie. Please don’t belittle Deirdre Corrie.

@rozlaws made the following joke: “Making fun of Deirdre’s glasses is the most inexcusable thing Cassie has ever done. #corrie. @camjmes0 commanded: “Remove Deirdre’s glasses from Cassie! #Corrie. “Cassie taking the p**s out of Deirdre’s glasses #Corrie,” said @mtrainlambily in tears. However, @CHG3899 continued: “It’s nice to see the spectacles! #Corrie.

As Ken apologised to Cassie for his response when he learned that she wasn’t a certified profession, some speculated that a relationship may develop between the two. Soon after, the two were sitting and having a laugh and a beer. “I think love will bloom and sparks will fly between Ken and Cassie—he’s such a Casanova!” tweeted @AntMelia94. #Corrie. “I’ll die from laughter #corrie if Cassie becomes Ken’s next wife,” @sofaneilas said.

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