Coronation Street fans ‘unravel’ dark twist that would bring back murdered character

They’re getting worried (Pictures: ITV)

Supporters of Coronation Street are becoming more and more worried about Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) and Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson).

As viewers are aware, Leanne has recently been involved with a cult known as The Institute. Emryhs Cooper plays Rowan, the group’s leader, who has been making every effort to make sure Leanne prioritises the organisation above her own family.

In one of the most recent events, Rowan and Leanne were seen staring at a laptop and holding hands when Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) entered the apartment.

Nick surmised that he had seen Leanne and Rowan having an extramarital affair. Subsequently, she got up, handed the computer to her boyfriend, and verified her actions.

Nick was shocked to see an AI replica of Leanne’s little son Oliver on the laptop. She clarified that Nick was seeing an image of Oliver from today, assuming he was still alive.

Leanne felt so much comfort at this moment. Leanne had been feeling distant from her family after joining the cult and said farewell to Simon Barlow (Alex Bain). Seeing the fake but realistic picture of Oliver helped her feel better.

In this week’s ITV soap opera, Leanne focused on Sam, Nick’s kid.

Rowan has caused a huge impact on Leanne (Picture: ITV)
Supporters think Leanne has arranged for the creation of an AI version of Natasha (Image: ITV).

Following Rose’s funeral, Toyah Battersby (played by Georgia Taylor) and Nick were irate with Leanne upon discovering that she had made up the cost of an enhanced funeral package.

Leanne and Sam acknowledged that they had plans to spend time together, but they didn’t really pay attention to information from them since they were preoccupied with these sensations and their growing chemistry.

The details of Leanne’s plans for Sam have been deduced by Coronation Street viewers, and they include Sam’s late mother Natasha, even though Nick and Toyah were unaware of them.

Fans of the ITV serial opera Mans are now questioning if Leanne was in charge of creating the AI version of Natasha after seeing him on X. Mans.

Fans have long conjectured about The Institute’s usage of artificial intelligence (AI); some even think Willow, the company’s purported CEO, isn’t genuine.

2021 saw the murder of Sam Blakeman’s mother Natasha by the villainous Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor).

Harvey intended to get vengeance on Leanne when he escaped from jail and travelled to Weatherfield, but he mistakenly shot Natasha to death without realising the two were dressed alike for Halloween.

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