Coronation Street Joel star Calum Lill engaged to girlfriend with help from co-star

Calum Lill, a Coronation Street star, proposed to his sweetheart!

The actor, who is most known for playing the show’s attorney Joel Deering, sent a touching message on Instagram to confirm the proposal and to admit that he required some assistance from his co-star afterward!

He shared two photos of Roberta with the world. In the first, Roberta’s ring is visible as the pair embraces and smiles for the camera.

But the other one is a little different.

The two may be seen getting out of the hot tub in Calum’s second photo. Roberta is dressed in a mint green costume with a towel wrapped around her, and Calum is standing in an oddly little black one-piece!

Since 2023, Calum has portrayed Joel Deering. (Image: ITV)

Alongside, he commented, “It’s about time I turned her into an honest woman ????.”

“Celebrated with drinks in the hot tub, but Roberta decided to take my swimming shorts out of the suitcase for a laugh.”

Calum remarked, “Thanks @dolly_rose_campbell for lending me your spare cossie,” highlighting the second picture. Really, I believe I did well.

Naturally, Calum’s friends and co-stars were very supportive and kind when he shared the news.

DS Lisa Swain’s actor Vicky Myers tweeted: “Congratulations ????.” meantime, cult leader Rowan Cunliffe, played by Emrhys Cooper, wrote: “Yay!” Congratulations, friend. I’m very glad for you two ❤️.

Joel’s girlfriend Dee-Dee is unaware of the reality (Picture: ITV)
Joel’s admirers were wary of him (Picture: ITV)

It was established back in May that Joel, the character played by Calum, was the one who killed Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton).

We are presently unaware of Joel’s actions regarding Lauren’s body. Pictures of Calum, Channique Sterling-Brown (Dee-Dee Bailey), and Lucy Fallon (Bethany Platt) shooting outside of an abandoned pub lately, however, raise the suspicion that this site has anything to do with the missing young lady.

Although I’m afraid, I’m also relieved. In response to Joel’s name being revealed, actor Calum Lill recently claimed, “I’ve known this for over a year.”

Joel was described as a lovely individual with a dark side in the breakdown that I received last May. They remarked, “Okay, this is what Joel is going to be doing,” after I received the screen test. “Oh my goodness, this person is really awful,” was my first thinking. I also have to spend a year hiding in plain sight.

“Even my family is unaware of it; they will have learned the same time as the viewers. It has been challenging.” They weren’t suspicious, in my opinion, since they probably didn’t believe that I could portray a villain like Joel.

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