Coronation Street legend’s final exit ‘confirmed’ after 22 years

Tracy Barlow speaks to Steve McDonald in Coronation Street
Poor Steve! (Picture: ITV)

Fans were devastated to learn that Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) had uprooted herself from Coronation Street and relocated to Spain, where she enjoyed sun, sea, and other delights. Her husband Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) was even more devastated.

Tracy left after starting an affair with Tommy Orpington (Matt Milburn), a painter and decorator who had formerly played football.

When Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) saw her in a deceptive scenario with the former Weatherfield County icon, the affair was eventually revealed.

After Tommy received an opportunity to work in Spain, Tracy ultimately made the decision to go with him, breaking Steve’s heart.

Steve has made an effort to move on and gone on a few dates, but he hasn’t completely given up on the possibility of a reunion. As his fiftieth birthday approaches, he’s really thrilled to learn that Tracy will be visiting Weatherfield around the same time. Reunited with his true love, what greater gift?

Tracy moved to Spain to start over after leaving Weatherfield (Picture: ITV)

Sadly, Steve will find out via his daughter Amy (Elle Mulvaney) that Tracy has cancelled her trip to Weatherfield and will instead be remaining in Spain in forthcoming episodes, shattering these hopes. Steve tries not to seem sad as he sees that his hopes of getting Tracy back have now faded.

Given that Kate Ford waved goodbye to the part she has played since 2002, it seems that it is the final time we will see Tracy on the Street.

Following actress Kate’s April Instagram photo post, fans assumed the worst when Abi co-star Sally Carman wrote, “I miss your face!” implying that Kate was no longer shooting for Corrie. Kate then shared a photo of a train with the destination written “Orpington.”

This location in Kent is also Tracy’s heart’s destination, since Tommy Orpington’s allure proved to be too much for poor Steve to handle.

Tim, back in Weatherfield, arranges for Steve to spend the night out celebrating his birthday, but Tommy Orpington also manages to ruin that plan when Tim and Sally (Sally Dynevor) receive invitations to the Weatherfield County Ground for the unveiling of a bronze bust of Tommy O. on Steve’s birthday.

When is Steve’s luck going to change?

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