Coronation Street star reacts to shock sacking after lies about job role

Cassie has a new job lined up, but it doesn’t go without a hitch (Picture: ITV)

Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney) will eventually land a new job in Coronation Street, but she will have to bend the truth a little to get it.

Cassie lost her job at the garage and has been under pressure from her mother Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) to find another after attempting to stand in Abi’s way and making hurtful remarks about her deepfake tragedy in previous episodes.

“[Cassie] is really in no man’s land, and her mother isn’t too keen on having her at the Dobbs.” At the moment, everything seems a little unstable, according to actress Claire Sweeney.

“She lost her job, and she can’t risk having time on her hands because, for someone with an addiction, being an empty nest is the worst place to be.”

“She applied for a job at Streetcars as a switch operator, but Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) just turned her down.” She finds it upsetting since, while they are out on a speed dating night, he is flirting with her, and the next moment, he is telling her that she is troublesome and incapable of switching.

But when she hears Steve, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), and Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) talking about Ken’s (William Roache) post-fall care possibilities, she spots an opening and things begin to look better for her.

When the family realises that hiring a competent caretaker would be too costly, Cassie offers to complete the task for a fourth of what a professional would charge.

Cassie offers to step in as Ken’s carer (Picture:: ITV)
Ken is not pleased with the setup (Image: ITV).

Steve grudgingly agrees after hearing that Amy and Daniel believe it’s a fantastic idea. However, he then lies to Ken, telling him that Cassie is a professional that they recruited through an agency.

“She never presents herself as a certified carer, but they don’t let Ken know that; instead, they lead him to believe that she is,” Claire disclosed. “He believes she told them she had all the checks, but they just let him believe that,” the person said.

Ken is upset, though, when Cassie admits that she isn’t qualified and is only stepping in to save the family money since she has experience taking care of her ex.

‘Ken obviously isn’t really liking the idea that he needs care’ Claire explained.

In one of their beautiful scenes, she adds, “You know, sometimes you just have to let people help you.” Sometimes people don’t want to assist, yet allowing someone to help you is considerate since it makes them feel good. It’s effective for you as well.

Additionally, he must consider his family, which benefits them. She informs him that she never pretended to be a skilled caretaker; rather, she was honest with Steve and Amy about the care she provided for her ex. Ken is more receptive to the concept after realising this.

Will Cassie be able to stay in this position longer than her previous one?

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