Coronation Street’s Claire Sweeney shares three-word response from Bill Roache amid filming on his 92nd birthday

Viewers of the ITV soap opera have just seen Cassie Plummer, played by Claire, tending to Ken Barlow.

Claire Sweeney, Coronation Street star (Image: Getty Images))

The Coronation Street actress Claire Sweeney revealed what William Roache, the legendary soap opera performer, told her when she confessed that she was nervous when shooting with him on his 92nd birthday.

As previous episodes of the ITV soap opera have shown, Ken Barlow’s family has been worried about him since he broke his pelvis in a fall down the stairs. After discussing possible care package alternatives for the Barlow patriarch, Steve McDonald, Amy Barlow, and Daniel Osbourne found themselves wondering how in the world they were going to pay for it.

Unbeknownst to them, however, Cassie Plummer was paying attention and volunteered to take care of Ken for a fifth of the cost of a professional. Cassie was ecstatic when Steve grudgingly consented, since Daniel and Amy thought it was an excellent idea. The family did, however, agree not to inform Ken about Cassie’s ineligibility.

Fans watched Cassie begin her new job as a receptionist at the garage during Wednesday night’s (June 19) trip to Weatherfield. However, things quickly went wrong when Cassie made fun of Ken’s late wife, soap opera legend Deirdre Barlow, after discovering her famous glasses in the drawer.

Later, after realising Cassie wasn’t a certified professional, Ken apologised to her, and the two were sitting there having a joke and a drink.

Furthermore, Claire has recently disclosed that she felt “nervous” standing next to Bill, her co-star who has been playing Ken in the soap opera from its very first episode in December 1960, and that she had to admit this to him.

She said to Woman’s Weekly, “He’s legendary.On his 92nd birthday, I got to shoot a scene with him, and he’s incredible. He never forgets a line, and his sparkling eyes give the impression that everything is simple. He really is the fountain of youth.”

Scenes with the iconic soap opera star have been filmed by Claire. (Photo: ITV)

I told him, ‘Look, I’m sorry, I’m anxious, but I’m at the Barlows’ home shooting a major scene with you. ‘Don’t be foolish,’ he said. He put me at ease by listening to me.”

Claire also said how, before to becoming a mother, she had “checked a lot of boxes.” The 53-year-old actress began her career in theatre in the 1990s, starring in West End musicals like “Chicago,” after being cast as Lindsey Corkhill in the now-canceled soap opera Brookside. However, she acknowledged that when her ex-partner Daniel Reilly’s son Jaxon arrived in late 2014, he “filled a void” she was unaware was there.

“I had accomplished a lot and had a great career, so by the time he came along, a lot of boxes had been checked,” she said to the magazine. He’s fulfilled my life; he filled a vacuum I didn’t even realise I had. I do everything for him. He’s the first person I think about when I wake up in the morning. He’s the last person I think of at night. I really adore him, he makes me laugh so much and feel so much love.”

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