Coronation Street’s Jim McDonald star fears ITV soap ‘won’t be on in 10 years’ as he slams ‘extremely average’ acting

The actor, 64, who has intermittently portrayed Jim McDonald since 1989 claims that the soap opera is now “completely different.”

Charlie as Jim in Coronation Street (Image: ITV)

Charlie Lawson, a Coronation Street veteran, expressed his concerns that the ITV soap opera may cease to exist in ten years. The actor, 64, who has alternated between the role of Jim McDonald since 1989, has criticized the performance, calling it “extremely average” and accusing it of “putting off” viewers.

Charlie also said that he doesn’t think the senior cast members will be around for very long since they are so “exhausted” from their intense schedule.

The actor said that at the burial of former writer John Stevenson, who passed away in September at the age of 86, he and Sarah Lancashire—who portrayed Raquel Watts from 1991 to 1996—discussed their worries for the show.

“I fear that ‘Corrie’ might not be here in ten years,” he said to The Sun on Sunday. I was conversing with Sarah. John wouldn’t recognize the program, we both agreed.

“We felt it was a completely different animal, so fundamentally different from our day – and the viewing figures have plummeted.”

Charlie forewarned that veteran actor Helen Worth, who just revealed she is departing her role as Gail Platt after 50 years, may be followed out the door by the likes of Sue Nicholls, 80, and 90-year-old Barbara Knox, who portray Audrey Roberts and Rita Tanner, respectively.

“The workload is enormous,” he said. With such a large cast, there isn’t as much time for pleasure or getting to know everyone. I wouldn’t be shocked if a few of the veteran performers left as well. It’s not the pleasant ship it used to be, and I know they’re not happy.

“The young people in ‘Corrie’ have an obligation to strive towards upholding their foundation.” But I fear that the majority of them never will. While some of the younger cast members provide very mediocre or even dismal performances, there are also some outstanding performances.”

Charlie Lawson, a legend of Coronation Street Photograph: BANG Showbiz.

“They always use Alison King because she’s a f****** brilliant actress,” he said. However, I am aware that she becomes very tired. Use your best center forward on the field if you have one. And they do, along with Gregson’s Simon. They are good; they sometimes get flogged.”

Charlie would want to return to the program, but he thinks it would simply be to see his alter ego die. Charlie last participated on the show in 2018. He declared: “I can only see him dying before he returns.

“How is Jim going to fit in now? TV has been submerged in a big puddle of PC woke s***e. You would have to radically alter him, take off all of his nuts. I was unable to play it.

It would be a betrayal of the character, who rose to legendary status, and of all “Corrie” writers, past and present. It is depressing. The persona should endure forever, in my opinion.”

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