Corrie star offers hope on Jay Slater after revealing connection to teen missing in Tenerife

Vicky Entwistle
Vicky Entwistle spoke more about the mission to find Jay Slater (Image: Twitter)

The 19-year-old Jay Slater went missing on Monday, and actress Vicky Entwistle, who has a familial link to the missing man, claims the Spanish government is searching for him nonstop.

After disclosing her familial link, Coronation Street icon Vicky Entwistle provided a new update on the missing adolescent Jay Slater, who is from Tenerife.

Days after he was last seen, the 19-year-old boy was last seen, and the actress revealed Wednesday that he is her godmother’s grandson. Jay allegedly called his friends from the Spanish island where he was attending a music festival and said he was in the “middle of nowhere” before disappearing.

Vicky, who is most known for playing the haughty Janice Battersby on the ITV soap opera, is in constant communication with the concerned family after her request for prayers on behalf of the missing teenager. She provided information on the search in response to someone’s request of assistance, writing: “I know all the authorities are pulling out all the stops to find him.” Drones, helicopters, etc.

“It seems everyone is looking, so that gives us all some hope that he will be found,” she said to a different follower. Jay, a native of Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, was seen carrying a black purse and a grey sports shirt with a bright green stripe down the shoulders. Vicky has posted one of the Jay missing posters that has been making the rounds on the internet.

As the hunt enters its fourth day, Jay’s mother said she wished she “hadn’t encouraged” him to go on vacation to Tenerife. The nearest town, Santiago del Teide, is located in the hilly Rural Teno Park, where the hunt for the apprentice bricklayer started. However, it has now been expanded to include tourist destinations like Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos, which are close to where he was vacationing.

Vicky said on Tuesday that the grandson of her godmother had vanished. His mother left about 7:00 p.m. to participate in the police search. Hopefully, they locate him. Please offer up prayers for him. Fans came together in support of Vicky as word spread, offering words of consolation and encouragement. A sympathetic follower wrote: “I saw this on Facebook Vicky, and it seems to be spreading widely. With all the love and support out there, perhaps some positive news will be announced soon. It just makes things so much more difficult while travelling! For all of you, love and prayers.”

The British teenager hasn’t been seen since Monday ( Image: Instagram)
Vicky has a family connection to the missing 19-year-old ( Image: ITV)

Another said, “We are in Tenerife; if we can help in any way, please let us know.” and volunteered to help. Jay was on his way to the Spanish island for a music festival when he vanished at about eight in the morning on Monday, June 17. Before the connection suddenly stopped, the 19-year-old had called a buddy to let them know he was disoriented and that his phone battery was almost gone.

Having made some new acquaintances on Sunday, he had decided to extend his night out while his buddies went back to their lodging. The last place his phone was seen was in the hikers’ paradise that is the Rural de Teno Park, also called the National Park of Teno.

“I’m obviously beside myself with worry which is why I’ve flown out here with my eldest son to do anything we can to help,” said his worried mother Debbie, who travelled to Tenerife with her oldest son. All we can hope for is that someone, or the cops, locate Jay. I am aware that a helicopter and a mountain rescue crew are on the scene. When your youngest kid disappears, nothing will ever be adequate, but it seems that the local police are taking the situation as seriously as they can.”

A Facebook group that was started to help with Jay’s hunt has over 40,000 members after a Snapchat video of him was published there. “This is a clear video of what Jay was wearing the night he went missing,” a post said in addition to the video. We’re all just hoping and praying that he is recovered quickly and unhurt since our relatives and friends are so concerned.”

According to Jay’s stepfather, the missing kid would not have been able to walk for eight hours since he would need to be driven home in order to even have his hair trimmed. “He has me run him down to the hairdressers, 200 yards away – why would he walk eight hours?” reporter Andy Watson said.

After hanging out with several friends the previous evening, Jay called his buddy Lucy Mae early on Monday morning to say he was trying to take a lengthy trek back via a hilly terrain. She told Sky News how he “cut his leg on a cactus” and was “not a stupid boy”.

Lucy said that she had also taken a few drives in search of mountains next to a house that appeared in an internet picture that Jay had uploaded. “He’ll be really warm during the day without a drink, and he’ll be very cold at night without any appropriate clothing because it’s very warm during the day and very cold at night,” she said.

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