Dramatic Emmerdale exit for Belle Dingle as she flees after deadly Tom King accident

Belle takes a stand. (Image: ITV)

In an upcoming episode of Emmerdale, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) finally tells herself that she and her husband Tom King (James Chase) are in a toxic relationship and decides to leave the village.

Belle had to take extraordinary measures to covertly end her pregnancy without Tom knowing, which is why she made this decision. After expressing his want to become a parent, Tom was overjoyed to learn that Belle was expecting a child.

But for Belle, it was the wrong moment, and she felt she couldn’t carry out the pregnancy when she was always worried about what Tom might do next.

Belle took a major risk by using Tom’s automobile to drive herself to the clinic after he had sold it, another one of his many attempts to reduce Belle’s independence and increase her dependence on him.

When Tom lets his rage out, bad things happen (picture: ITV)

Knowing that her spouse has been monitoring her whereabouts using an app, Belle decided to hide her traces by hiding her phone in Amelia’s (Daisy Campbell) baby stroller and asking Amelia to take Piper the dog for a short walk around the hamlet. It seemed as if Belle was taking the dog for her regular stroll every time Tom looked at his phone.

Belle’s mental health coordinator, Rachel, will visit with her after this. When Rachel learns that Belle told Tom she had a miscarriage rather than an abortion, she asks Belle gently out of worry.

After trying to interrupt the meeting when Belle realizes that Rachel is coming near to the truth about her marriage, Rachel reassures her, and Belle eventually realizes how awful things are between her and Tom and that his behavior is unnatural and dominating.

Belle is afraid, but she agrees when Rachel says that what she needs is a beak from Tom. She arranges to go to Scotland to spend time with Debbie (Charley Webb) and her father.

She is prepared to leave Emmerdale and the nasty, poisonous relationship with Tom, so she packs a case and makes a cab reservation.

Meanwhile, he is furious since he has found out that she lied about the abortion. He smashes everything in his path as he goes on a rampage with an iron bar. He takes one more strike with the metal bar, making contact with an electrical circuit, as his wrath and energies fade away.

When the electric shock hits, he is thrown off balance and crashes against a beam.

Is Tom no longer alive? When Belle learns about the disaster, how will she respond?

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