Dying Paul breaks down in tears after another devastating setback in Coronation Street

Paul’s condition is worsening (Picture: ITV)

Tonight, June 12, on Coronation Street, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) had a terrible physical setback when his “daughter,” Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby), came home from America.

While Paul was excited about her coming, Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) was less enthusiastic, since he was set to get the life-altering Eyegaze software.

Paul will benefit from Eyegaze, a technology that uses eye movements to produce spoken phrases in the event that his motor neurone illness prevents him from speaking.

Ever the comedian, he was about to say something when Summer came in, but she was alarmed to see how quickly his health had deteriorated.

Paul received a warning earlier this week that he would soon be confined to his apartment as he can’t use the stair lift. He enjoyed the rain and begged Billy to remain outdoors since he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to in later moments.

Felix proved to be quite the character (Picture: ITV)

Will Summer confront his arrogance? (Image: ITV)

When Summer proposed that they go to the Viaduct Bistro for dinner to meet her new lover Felix (Robin Morrissey), those worries were realised tonight.

Paul proceeded downstairs in the elevator as Billy looked for his phone. Suddenly, he lost his balance and collapsed on the ground.

Paul was determined to remain at home for Summer’s sake, even after Dr. Gaddas (Christine Mackie) examined him and advised that he should seek more medical treatment at the hospital since he could be injured.

The situation became tense and chilly when she came back with Felix along, as he took pleasure in the fact that Paul had a condition he had studied in college.

The age difference between the two and his claims to be a neuroscientist worried the parents as well as Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce).

Billy offered to relocate to a more accessible apartment at the end of the night, but Paul was concerned about spending his last few months apart from his family. It became clear that his death may come sooner than they had anticipated as the two started crying.

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