EastEnders spoilers tonight: Billy comes face to face with brother Teddy

Billy finds out about his secret brother

Tonight (Thursday, June 27)’s spoilers for EastEnders reveal that Teddy Mitchell visits Walford and does some research after seeing Will in the hospital with Stevie.

Billy later sees Teddy with Will at The Vic and is curious about who he is.

But how will he respond, according to teasers for EastEnders, when Stevie admits that he is Billy’s brother?

Billy learns that he has a secret sibling (Credit: BBC)

Billy tells Stevie that he no longer wants him in their family this evening in Walford because he thinks Billy is the one who stole the fundraising.

Will remains with his grandfather in the hospital and apologises, accepting responsibility for his actions, but he is dismissed when Teddy appears.

Teddy quickly develops doubts about Will’s identity and goes to Walford in search of clarification.

Billy soon learns that Will is at The Vic with a stranger, and he is going to get into a fight with Teddy because he wants to know what Teddy is doing with his kid.

But Stevie gets control of the situation by letting everyone know that Teddy is Billy’s brother. How is he going to digest the news?

Barney finds a friend in Avani (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Harry and Barney socialise

As he inquires about life in Walford, Harry begins to flirt with Penny. In the meanwhile, Avani and Barney begin to become friends. Can the boys make their way in Walford?

Phil is in trouble (Credit: BBC)

Kyle’s father confronts Phil

Phil arranges to watch football with Callum and Jay, but Kevin, Kyle’s father, interrupts them shortly after.

Kevin begins by accusing Phil of being a danger to Kyle. How is Phil going to defend himself?

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