Emmerdale and Harry Potter star Michael Wildman married for 6 years to famous actress and singer

In 2019, Michael Wildman, the handsome antagonist of Emmerdale, stole the show as he paraded around the hamlet dressed as cunning businessman Al Chapman.

After that, despite being Kerry Wyatt’s other half, Al found himself entangled in a hot controversy, covertly walking on the wild side with Chas Dingle.

That is, until Cain learned of their covert relationship, the rumours around the community became even more intense. And then everything went wrong: Al was slain in a vicious shoot-out between the two of them.

It wasn’t until a later flashback sequence that it became evident that Cain’s son Kyle had inadvertently shot Al, putting him in jail falsely for the murder.

Ceri Ann and Michael Wildman in 2012 (Photo: Uncredited)

After three years in the Dales, actor Michael’s departure from the serial opera was tragically announced by Al’s death, which saddened viewers.

Outside of Emmerdale’s turmoil, the 54-year-old celebrity has a happy married life. He fell in love with Welsh actress and singer Ceri Ann Gregory more than 20 years ago while she was backstage at the Royal National Theatre performing a Shakespeare play.

With the band Elysium, Ceri Ann showcases her vocal abilities by fusing rock and classical music. She performs with mezzo-soprano Annalise Wittlesea from Somerset and Kiwi soprano Amelia Whiteman.

Ceri Ann may appear familiar to you since you may have seen her on television, where she was seen making jokes in Little Britain and travelling the cosmos in Torchwood.

Al Chapman told Chas Dingle he was going to end things with Kerry Wyatt
Al Chapman and Cain Dingle engaged in a bloody gunfight (Image: ITV)

Ceri, Michael’s supportive spouse, often goes out with him to glamorous occasions like the British Soap Awards, beaming with joy in his work.

Her affections are evident on social media, where she often posted about his antics from Emmerdale. When she posted about Michael’s magazine cover binge due to his compelling plot, she couldn’t contain her excitement: “He’s everywhere right now!!! #emmerdale #alchapman #michaelwildman Ooooooooooooo! fascinating.”

In 2018, the pair tied the knot, just before Michael made his series premiere on the adored soap opera. Regarding kids, they are happy parents of a nine-year-old boy.

The actor spoke out about his son’s struggle with anxiety as a result of his frequent absences from home for shooting, sharing that his little child would count down the hours until his father got home from work.

The Emmerdale handsomeman said that it was devastating since he had never encountered such a problem.

The actor is also well-known for his position as a Harry Potter star; in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, he portrayed Magorian, a centaur. He was cast in the big Netflix series Baby Reindeer after leaving Emmerdale.

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