Emmerdale fans ‘convinced’ who will bring down Tom King amid Belle’s pregnancy – and it isn’t a Dingle

There have been more difficult-to-watch scenes as Belle told her husband she was pregnant as he went to hit her

Tom King in Emmerdale (Image: ITV)

After it was revealed that Tom King’s wife Belle is pregnant, Emmerdale viewers are now “convinced” about who will eventually tell the truth about Tom King. At the beginning of the week, when a scared Belle revealed to her husband that she was pregnant just as he was about to attack her, there were more graphic moments to see.

Fans of the ITV soap opera are aware of the horrible abuse plot involving the recently married pair, as they have seen Tom’s increasingly violent and forceful actions against his new wife intensify over the last several months.

Ever since they were married, Tom has been putting a tracker on his wife’s phone, pressuring her to get a puppy and install a “pup cam” in their house, all the while subtly causing her to have trouble at her new work at Take A Vow and gradually severing her from her family. Viewers saw Tom turn the tables on Belle when he burned her hand with hot water more recently.

He said he was the victim and that Belle had been having mental health issues, which had caused her to leave their house and check herself into a facility, after she shoved him in the middle of the village in front of Marlon Dingle, Rhona Goskirk, and Vanessa Woodfield. After her return, the aggressive conduct persisted, and Belle recently found out she was pregnant—nurse Wendy Posner was the first to find out.

She was then seen monitoring Belle after seeing her disquiet about the news. However, even though Tom had promised Belle he wouldn’t tell anybody, he revealed her pregnancy to his aunt Nicola King, uncle Jimmy King, and Rhona Goskirk on Wednesday night’s episode of Emmerdale (June 12).

Belle was devastated by her husband’s treachery once again as she stepped into the café where Tom was waiting for her to provide the update. The three of them raced to hug and congratulate her. Subsequently, the pair found Wendy back at the general practitioner’s office, where Tom made Belle’s appointment and insisted on receiving all of her appointment information.

Belle has given Wendy Posner some, but not all, of her personal details. (Photo: ITV)

However, the vet seemed to fight back when the nurse asked Tom to leave the room. But Wendy refused to back down, forcing Tom to leave the room, which prompted the nurse to inquire about Belle’s mental health. Belle assured Wendy that she was OK, even if Tom’s announcement of her pregnancy without her consent had upset her.

Even though Wendy’s worries about Belle haven’t materialised yet, Emmerdale viewers believe Wendy has the potential to finally bring Tom to light. @shazbow16x stated: “I reckon Wendy is gonna start clocking something isn’t right with Tom #emmerdale.”

@LoveRealityTV4 tweeted: “I’m convinced that Wendy will be the one to expose Tom because her ex husband was abusive and she is deffo starting to see through Belle #Emmerdale.” @mishybabez_ tweeted: “Catching up with last nights #Emmerdale and I hope Wendy helps Belle escape from Tom’s clutches as Wendy was abused by her ex husband.”

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