Emmerdale issues Evan health update as Dawn reveals heartbreaking illness fears

Emmerdale’s Billy and Dawn’s lives were turned upside down when their baby son Evan was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Baby Evan was diagnosed with leukaemia in April (Image: ITV)

Evan’s condition is updated by Emmerdale as he continues to battle leukaemia. The news that Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) and Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) had a baby boy with cancer completely upended their existence.

The couple was told by the doctors that Evan would need emergency medical attention, and Dawn opted to stay at his side in the hospital. Her and Billy’s relationship suffered as a result of their growing resentment of one another.

Dawn’s father Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) was worried that when she said she wanted the “pain go away,” she would start using drugs as a coping mechanism. In the meanwhile, Rose Jackson (Christine Tremarco), Dawn’s estranged mother, moved into Home Farm to assist the family with Evan once she arrived in the hamlet.

Viewers will be aware, nonetheless, that Ruby Fox-Milligan (Beth Cordingly) placed Rose in the community as part of her scheme to unseat Kim Tate (Claire King).

Evan may be taken home by Dawn and Billy, according to the information provided (Image: FROM ITV STRICT EMBARGO – No Use Before Tuesday 23rd April 2024 Emmerdale – 9983.84 Thursday 2nd).

Rose had her debts paid off by Ruby, which gave her the edge she needed to take advantage of her. If Rose is successful in interfering with Will and Kim’s relationship, Rose’s duty to Ruby will be discharged.

In a recent episode, Evan’s fever soared after receiving chemotherapy, which worried Dawn. Billy was questioned by her about the possibility that he had contracted viruses from their other children.

Billy finally broke down in front of Will, realising that if Evan leaves the hospital, it would not be feasible to keep him clean from diseases. Dawn and Billy eventually get some positive news the next week. The couple is excited when the doctors tell them they can bring Evan home from the hospital.

But Dawn tells Will that she worries all the time about touching the other kids in case she gets a bug and gives it to Evan.

Ruby has planted a rose in the community (Image: ITV)

Rose tells Ruby in the meanwhile that their strategy is succeeding. In later scenes, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) will be seen telling the midwife that she wants a termination, but she is nervous.

Belle tries to use Tom King’s (James Chase) banking app to pay for a cab to the hospital when she figures out his phone pin. When Belle discovers that Tom has been following her around, she is shocked and feels helpless because she can’t get him to give her permission to use the automobile.

Belle finds an extra key, but she’s not sure whether she should take a chance and drive to the abortion facility. Reluctantly, Daisy Campbell’s character Amelia Spencer offers to watch Piper, and Belle sneaks her phone into Esther’s pram.

Belle is certain she can’t have this baby even though she is having difficulty understanding her relationship with Tom at the clinic.

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