Emmerdale star teases discovery about Tom King’s past as character return ‘sealed’

Emmerdale viewers could see a blast from the past, actor James Chase is hoping, amid the ITV soap touching on villain Tom King’s past in upcoming scenes

Emmerdale viewers could see a blast from the past, actor James Chase is hoping (Image: ITV)

Fans of Emmerdale may see the reappearance of a past character if a certain celebrity gets his way.

James Chase, who starred as Tom King, said that he would really want to see a former King family member visit the town as part of his terrifying plot involving Belle Dingle. He also spoke about how Tom’s abuse of his wife Belle, both psychologically and physically, sent him down such a terrible road.

With Tom targeting Belle in recent weeks, the coercive control plot has intensified, and things are only going to get worse. However, actor James has expressed his opinion about whether or not Tom has always behaved in this manner and if any events from his past have inspired his heinous actions.

The actor spoke about if any other people had been abused by him and whether a previous character may return to the programme. In an interview with The Mirror and other media, he demanded that his on-screen sister Anya King return and asked how this plot twist may affect things.

Fans of Emmerdale may see the reappearance of a past character if a certain celebrity gets his way. (Photo: ITV)

He said to us, “I don’t think it was anywhere near this extent, but I think there may have been some controlling behaviour in [his previous relationships].” He is like way because of his love and fascination with her, in a sick sense.

“He thinks she is his, he’s scared of losing her and that’s why he goes so far in making sure he doesn’t let go of her.” James also discussed if Tom’s abuse was fostered by his abusive father, Carl King, who was a villain.

“I view it as he probably saw his dad being a certain way to his mum when he was growing up, but this is just hypothetical,” he added. I could picture Carl taking Tom aside and saying something like, “There are times when you need to discipline yourself.”

“If you see that at a young age you think it’s okay.” Regarding if Tom’s background may be relevant, producer Laura Shaw said, “I think something will come up in the future, yes.” Do I believe that’s how he’s always been? Perhaps.

When he joined the soap opera last year, actor James also said that he knew what was in store for Tom and Belle and that at some time, his character will be exposed. James said that Tom’s retribution was “needed” and that his character had a “shelf life” and that an ending will occur. In his own words, “Even though Tom was a good character for the first six months, I always knew this role was going to have this storyline.”

Tom King’s sister is Anya King (centre) (Image: ITV)

“It was inevitable that this would occur, but you have to honour the plot as accurately as you can since it is a true occurrence. It’s a positive indication that you are doing it well if the crowd does not like you.

“I think it has to happen because it’s what he deserves,” he said. Nothing can get away from him. I’m not sure [how it will finish] to what degree. Belle and the audience both need justice for what has happened to her.

“We have to see her win in the end or for him to lose.” James joked that Tom should “at least” go to jail in order to keep the conclusion a mystery. However, Laura issued a warning, stating that there was still more to come and that “we will see Tom finding different ways to manipulate and control Belle.” There will be a rise in violence.

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