Emmerdale viewers fear for Belle Dingle as she breaks ‘miscarriage’ news to Tom King

After having an abortion behind her back, Belle Dingle told her violent husband Tom King that she had miscarried.

Fans of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale were worried for Belle Dingle’s (Eden Taylor-Draper) safety when she carried out her plot to terminate her baby with Tom King (James Chase). The abuse she has endured from him since their February marriage is what prompted her to make this momentous choice.

After realising she couldn’t raise a kid in such a setting, she covertly set up the abortion. For two days, she had to take two pills. Viewers observed her drive to the hospital parking lot to take the second pill tonight before phoning Tom, all the while knowing that Tom was monitoring her every action.

She informed him that she had experienced a miscarriage when they got home. “I apologise; I jumped into the vehicle and drove directly to the hospital after using the potty since I was bleeding. They informed me that I had lost a pregnancy,” she wailed.

Tom protested, seeming both offended and enraged: “They could be mistaken. Many women bleed in the start, really.” “They’re not incorrect. The infant is no longer with me. It’s no longer there,” she told him.

It seemed as if he may strike again for a brief minute. “After tauma, how dare they let you go like that. That is careless,” he angrily yelled at Belle.

In Emmerdale, Belle Dingle makes a significant choice about her pregnancy. (Photo: ITV)

After a while, he seemed to calm down and told Belle they might try again. He became enraged once again, obviously shocked by the implication that she hadn’t informed him she wasn’t ready.

He insisted they would try again and assured her it was natural because they were mourning.

He was so frustrated that he went to his vehicle and discovered a pay and display sticker that led him to the hospital.

Viewers think it would only be a matter of time before Tom discovers the truth and snaps at Belle since Belle had left her parking ticket from the clinic on the floor of the vehicle.

They expressed their worries on X, the platform that was once known as Twitter.

Belle Dingle misrepresented suffering a miscarriage to her husband Tom King. (Photo: ITV)

A fan posted: “Tom is going to hit the roof when he discovers Belle has had an abortion #Emmerdale.”

Another person tweeted: “Oh Belle, you made a mistake by telling him it’s a miscarriage. Cain must ascertain this right now.”

“I’m so scared for Belle now #Emmerdale,” bemoaned a third.

And another commented: “Belle hasn’t calculated that Tom probably knows more about pregnancy than she does #emmerdale.”

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