Emmerdale villain Tom King’s downfall ‘sealed’ as Belle Dingle makes confession

It’s possible that a teaser film from Emmerdale hinted to Tom King’s demise, showing Belle Dingle, his wife, speaking out to someone about her abuse experience.

Next week, Belle Dingle will be in a sequence on Emmerdale that could hint to Tom King’s impending demise.

Next week might see the villain—who has been mistreating his wife for months—face his just desserts in the form of a fatal turn. For months, Tom has been isolating and controlling his wife, and the soap opera supports this narrative of coercive control.

He has been abusive more lately, and Belle felt she could not carry the baby to term. She got a covert abortion even though she wasn’t ready to have a kid and knew Tom would make her have the baby.

A new teaser trailer for next week shows the moment Belle tells someone the truth, before Tom finds out in later scenes. Before realising the truth about her marriage, Belle confides in someone for the first time about her false miscarriage story.

Rachel, Belle’s Mental Health Care Coordinator, is the one in question, and she is worried about what Belle has told her. Watchers will see that Rachel seems to recognise Tom’s actions and suggests that Belle spend some time away from the community.

A scene before this depicts Belle avoiding Rachel after her unexpected visit. She eventually admits to her that she had a termination and wasn’t miscarried after attempting to terminate the discussion.

Next week, Belle Dingle will be in a scene on Emmerdale that could be the last one to see Tom King. (Photo: ITV)

Rachel will get worried about Belle as a result of this revelation, and she will quickly discover Tom’s deceptive actions. Is this the point at which someone is focusing on Tom, and is his mask about to come off?

Maybe this was the turning point for Belle to recognise that Tom’s actions were wrong, and it also could have sealed Tom’s fate. It happens as supporters worry that he will uncover Belle’s deception as a result of her error.

She drove to the hospital in the most recent episode, paid for a parking penalty, and then waited in her vehicle. Afterwards, she finished the remaining pills and bided her time till she called Tom to come to her house.

Belle planned everything such that the parking ticket would support her claim that she went to the hospital, remained there, and then returned home in order to give Tom the impression that she had visited a physician. She sobbed when she informed Tom she had lost her pregnancy as soon as she got home.

Belle was unaware that the parking ticket from her clinic appointment that day was still in the vehicle. The camera shifted to the ticket that was now on the floor after Tom was seen in the vehicle at the conclusion of the episode. Will he locate it?

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