Emmerdale’s Belle bravely stands up to Tom King – as she says no

Belle Dingle and Tom King argue in the street in Emmerdale
Belle got desperate (Picture: ITV)

Spoilers from an Emmerdale episode that hasn’t yet broadcast on ITV but can be seen on ITVX may be found in the following article.

After informing Tom King (James Chase) that she had lost their child in Emmerdale, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) defied him.

This week, Belle went covertly to a meeting across town to start the abortion procedure.

The cherished visage needed to manoeuvre carefully to keep Tom from learning. In order for Tom to check the tracker and think she was in the country, she got Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) to walk Piper the dog in the woods before hiding her phone in Esther’s pram.

Tom had already gone to the woods to try and locate Belle when she got back home. She made it known that Amelia had requested to spend time with her, thankfully, and came just in time.

Belle was still ignorant that her hospital parking ticket was on Tom’s car’s floor when she went home to think back on her day.

In the ITV soap opera that aired on Friday, June 21, Belle had to come up with a different scheme in order to complete the medicine for the abortion and deceive Tom into thinking that the pregnancy was still going.

Belle walked back to the hospital as Tom left for work.

Belle took another tablet in the vehicle and kept checking the parking ticket and her watch since she knew she would need to know exactly when to leave for her trip.

Belle called Tom when she got home, telling him she had begun bleeding soon after he left for work, and when she went to the hospital, they informed her that she had miscarried.

Belle told the nurse she wasn’t ready to be a mum (Picture: ITV)
Belle gambled and told Tom a falsehood (Image: ITV)

As Tom’s frustration with the situation increased, he attempted to inform Belle that the medical personnel was careless in not getting in touch with him when she arrived.

Belle attempted to soothe Tom, knowing that he would soon discover the truth.

After Belle was ready, Tom had the arrogance to tell her they could try for another kid after his rage faded.

Tom’s remarks stunned Belle, who said that she was finding it difficult to understand the situation at hand, much alone the idea of becoming pregnant again.

We saw Tom get into the vehicle and go off with Piper.

He compared the parking ticket affixed to the window with the tracker on his smartphone, and they coincided.

But if Tom finds the parking ticket next to him, it will prove Belle visited the hospital this week without notifying him. Tom missed it, too.

However, Tom’s response to confronting Belle if he discovers the ticket before her?

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