Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle’s return ‘sealed’ as Belle Dingle takes action against Tom

Debbie Dingle from Emmerdale will be discussed in forthcoming scenes when Belle Dingle, her niece, makes a significant choice after being abused by her husband Tom King.

Belle Dingle of Emmerdale is scheduled to leave the show next week (Image: ITV).

After the most recent storyline teases, fans of Emmerdale may be wondering whether a familiar character is going to make a comeback.

In the next episodes, Charley Webb’s character Debbie Dingle is mentioned in relation to a scheduled reunion with her niece Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor Draper). Fans have been speculating that Debbie would return to the town, and if so, she might be able to help Belle through her turbulent marriage to Tom King (James Chase).

The plot of next week takes a terrifying turn as Belle makes the decision to leave the town and Tom. Belle ultimately admits to Rachel, her mental health care coordinator, how serious Tom’s violent attitude is after their chat.

Rachel, who seems to be aware of how manipulative Tom can be, tells Belle to keep her distance from him. When it seems like Tom’s actions are about to come to light, Belle decides to pack her things and go to Scotland to live with Debbie.

But a surprising development about Tom’s impending death might throw off her preparations. Should Belle change her mind, maybe Debbie will come to the town to see how she’s doing, or maybe Debbie is just waiting to see Belle again because of her name?

Debbie Dingle left the village in recent years (Image: ITV)

Even though actress Charley Webb hasn’t played Debbie in a while, her daughter Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) still lives with Debbie’s mother Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), therefore Debbie’s influence may still be seen on the programme.

Could the conflict that is developing within the Dingle family signal this cherished character’s comeback?

For now, it could simply be a mention since neither the serial opera nor actress Charley have officially announced a comeback. Nonetheless, given the previous indications, fans are probably going to conjecture about a return.

In other news, Tom becomes enraged and begins swinging an iron bar around a barn after learning the truth about Belle’s abortion.

He puts himself in grave danger because of his rage, but will anybody find him in time?

Belle is about to inform Tom that she had an abortion when, in fact, she miscarried.

Viewers are aware that Tom has been assaulting his wife for months, first via manipulation and coercive control before resorting to physical violence.

Belle became pregnant and didn’t want to carry the pregnancy through, but Tom was isolating her further and forcing her to keep the kid.

Next week, when he discovers that Belle went to an abortion clinic, he starts using an iron rod to savagely beat his surroundings.

But just as he prepares to take one more stroke, the metal rod strikes the rotating isolator of the barn from behind, electrocuting Tom.

Thrown against a beam, he seems dead as he hits the ground, but might this be Tom’s last moment?

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