Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle’s return ‘sealed’ as Belle takes action against Tom

Emmerdale spoilers tease a reunion for Belle Dingle and her niece Debbie Dingle
Emmerdale spoilers tease a reunion for Belle Dingle and her niece Debbie Dingle (Image: ITV)

While fans speculated that Belle Dingle would be moving back to the town, Emmerdale spoilers hint at a reunion between her and her niece Debbie Dingle on the ITV soap opera.

Following the most recent leaks, fans of Emmerdale will undoubtedly be wondering again if a character return is imminent.

Next week, Debbie Dingle will be mentioned at a scheduled get-together with her niece Belle Dingle. In light of recent fan speculation that Cain Dingle’s daughter may return to the hamlet, the character may provide support to Belle during her difficult period in her violent marriage to Tom King.

Next week, things become very bad as Belle decides to leave Tom and the community. She eventually realises the truth of Tom’s abuse after speaking with Rachel, her Mental Health Care Coordinator.

Rachel seems to be seeing how controlling Tom is, so she encourages Belle to go away from him for a while. Belle determines that her best option is to pack her things and go to Scotland to meet Debbie since Tom’s activities seem certain to be discovered.

But something could halt her in her tracks, putting Tom at danger of dying unexpectedly. Should Belle have second thoughts, would Debbie then go to the village to see how she’s doing, or may Debbie’s remark alone be a sign that she plans to come back?

While Debbie is still often referenced on the show, actress Charley Webb left the role in recent years. Debbie’s daughter Sarah Sugden now resides with Debbie’s mother Charity Dingle. But will the character ultimately return as a result of the Dingles’ drama?

Belle Dingle of Emmerdale is scheduled to leave the show next week (Image: ITV).

Perhaps this is only a mention for the time being, since neither the soap opera nor actress Charley have disclosed that a return is in the works. But, fans will surely be wondering about a comeback since they thought there had been some indications lately.

After learning the truth about Belle’s abortion, Tom loses all control of his anger and starts hurling an iron bar around a barn. But when he lashes out, he finds himself in serious danger; will help arrive in time?

Belle is about to inform Tom that she had a termination when, in reality, she had a miscarriage. It is known to the audience that Tom has been abusing his wife for months, dominating and manipulating her with coercion before he acts violently.

Tom was pressuring Belle to have the kid even though she didn’t want to, further isolating her. Belle became pregnant. Next week, when he finds out that Belle visited the abortion clinic, he starts using an iron rod to harm his surroundings.

However, just as he is about to deliver the ultimate blow, the metal rod collides with the rotary isolator of the barn from behind, electrocuting Tom. Is this the end for Tom, however, as he is flung against a beam and falls to the ground, dying on the ground?

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