Emmerdale’s Jai Sharma confronted by wife Laurel Thomas in horror blackmail twist

Eric Pollard has been blackmailing Jai Sharma for weeks, and his wife Laurel Thomas is going to confront him about it.

For months, Eric has been blackmailing Jai (Image: ITV).

In future scenes of Emmerdale, Jai Sharma (played by Chris Bisson) is going to be challenged by his wife, Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy).

Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) has been using blackmail on Jai for months because of the way he drove Amit Sharma (Anil Goutam) out of the village.

Jai compelled Amit give up ownership of the HOP to his son Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon) and left the village without saying goodbye after compelling Amit to confess to killing Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel).

When Eric threatened to reveal Jai’s falsehoods regarding Amit’s departure, he received more than he had bargained for. This was Jai’s final retaliation for Amit betraying and murdering his brother.

Laurel observes tension between Jai and Eric in scenes that will appear next week, even if Jai is able to contain his rage.

Eric instructs Laurel to talk to Jai about his refusal to pay for his drinks. (Photo: ITV)

Subsequently, when Suni needs advise on how to deal with Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope), who is eager to get out of the hamlet, he goes to Laurel.

Unaware of Jai’s actions, Laurel informs Suni that his brother would be distraught if he left right away. She also emphasises to him the value of compromise in a happy partnership.

Laurel confronts Jai over Eric’s behaviour (Image: ITV)

After talking with Laurel, Suni is left contemplating; would Nicky be able to persuade him to leave the village? Eric fails to pay for his drinks, which heightens Laurel’s suspicions about him, and she sends Jai to inquire about it.

When Laurel gets to Mulberry Cottage later, she asks Jai about Eric’s demeanour. Jai senses the net drawing in, but is he willing to tell his wife the truth?

Chris Bisson spoke about Jai’s evil side resurfacing after he exacted vengeance on Amit earlier this year.

The 48-year-old stated: “[This] has altered him inside, and moving ahead, it may have an impact on how he sees relationships, people, and life in general. Without a doubt, this will have an impact on his commercial practices as well.

The soap opera star went on, “I believe he will get somewhat more vicious. He believes that he was somewhat taken advantage of and that this will never happen to him again. So maybe Bad Jai is back after all.”

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