Emmerdale’s Tom’s abusive behaviour ‘rumbled’ by villager as fans convinced he will be exposed

Emmerdale fans are convinced that Charity Dingle will save Belle Dingle from her abusive husband Tom King after the latter was ‘rumbled’ – and they’re ‘here for it’

After a slew of worrying incidents, Emmerdale fans are gripping their seats, believing Charity Dingle will save Belle Dingle from her frightening husband, Tom King.

Fans saw the amount of Tom’s horrifying abuse increase in the episode that aired on Thursday, June 27, when he came home from the hospital after receiving treatment for an accident that almost killed him.

The terrifying incident happened in Butler’s farm barn when Tom became furious after discovering Belle had secretly ended their pregnancy. He hit a revolving isolator with a pipe out of rage, which resulted in a dangerous electric shock and an emergency admittance to the hospital in serious condition.

Tom had medical treatment after a “near fatal” accident (Image: ITV)

After obtaining quick attention, Tom miraculously recovered and left the hospital shortly after the medical staff had declared him dead for a minute.

Once he got home, Tom continued to treat Belle abusively. Charity visited Belle out of concern for her well-being and was surprised to see that Tom had returned home.

Simultaneously, Belle’s suitcases, indicating her intention to escape, hovered menacingly at the entrance.

Supporters believe Charity will “save” Belle. (Photo: (Photo: ITV))

Tom responds, “Not as worried as Belle, she thought she was going to have to arrange my funeral,” when Charity says, “I was worried for a moment there, Tom.”

Charity’s doubts were allayed by Tom, but supporters believe she is spying on him. He sidestepped her questions regarding the debris left in the aftermath of the barn by saying, “We just want to be alone.” After that, he brought up Belle’s miscarriage to alter the topic.

Charity, who is clearly upset, tries to console Belle, but she can’t help but see the strange dynamics between Tom and Belle—especially when Tom asks her to leave their house, which makes Charity wonder about his actual intentions.

Afterwards, she told Noah, “It doesn’t add up! No, Tom isn’t a good guy. He’s almost flawless, and when something or someone seems flawless, well.

Watchers are tense, waiting for Charity to put together Tom’s evil deeds and intervene to rescue Belle. Fans praised Charity’s investigative abilities and offered their thoughts on social media.

Fans of Emmerdale are hopeful Charity can put together Tom’s heinous deeds (Image: ITV)).

A fan said, “#Emmerdale Charity has lived the life Belle is going through so I think she’ll notice something is wrong long before anyone else.”

“Also Charity in tonight’s in 100% onto Tom!” said someone else. I’m ready for it, too!!! #Emmerdale “, while another fan chimed in” “Charity is ON THE MONEY with Tom, i need her to deck him RN #emmerdale.”

Fans pleaded for Charity to “suss Tom the vile out and quick” and for her to “CHARITY CONNECT THE DOTS OMG #Emmerdale,” among other things.

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