Fresh blow for Emmerdale fans as it’s pulled from TV yet again

Don’t be upset Ruby, you’re back tomorrow! (Picture: ITV)

We regret to inform you that ITV will be showing coverage of Euro 2024 tonight (Thursday, June 20th) in place of Emmerdale.

Let’s get started! provides all the information you want on adjustments to the soap opera dates.

We’ve looked into what’s replacing it and when you may next watch it on your screens to avoid you from checking into ITV this evening and anticipating a vacation to the Dales.

Further, a comprehensive manual for any upcoming substitutes

What is replacing Emmerdale on ITV1 tonight?

Tonight at 7:15 p.m. on ITV1, Spain vs. Italy will run after a shortened edition of ITV Evening News. Both teams will play their second group game of the season at 8 p.m.

There’s also tonight’s England vs. Denmark match on BBC One starting at 5 p.m.

Every four years, the UEFA European Football Championship 2024, often known as Euro 2024, is held; however, owing to the coronavirus epidemic, the last one was held in 2021.

On June 14th, last Friday, the group stages began with the first match.

When will we next see Emmerdale on our screens?

Kerry questions Josh about details. (Image: ITV)

You’ll be happy to hear that we will be returning to Emmerdale tomorrow, Friday, June 21, at 7:30 p.m. as usual.

As usual, an hour-long episode of Coronation Street airs after it.

In The Woollie, we’ll see Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) develop a close relationship with transphobic bully Josh (Osian Morgan), all the while trying to covertly film their talk on her phone to show that Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano), Matty’s son-in-law, is not guilty and didn’t plan to stab Samson Dingle (Sam Hall).

Unfortunately, the strategy quickly fails!

Dawn becomes more worried about Evan. (Image: ITV)

In another scene, Olivia Bromley’s character Dawn Fletcher confides in her father Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) that she is afraid to embrace the other children at Home Farm because she thinks she could get a cold and give it to her son Evan, who is fighting leukaemia.

Tom King, Belle King’s husband, is being kept in the dark about the facts by Eden Taylor-Draper (James Chase).

Will there be any further disruption?

I regret to inform you that there will likely be disruptions to our trips to soap opera country until Sunday, July 14th, when the final is held in Berlin.

Fortunately, ITVX has decided to follow BBC iPlayer’s example and has added episodes to its streaming service starting at 7am on the day of transmission, giving you more flexibility over when to view them.

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