Heartbreak as Hollywood star exits Coronation Street just weeks after debut

He’s already on his way! (Image: ITV)

When lover Felix returns to the United States, Summer Spellman’s (Harriet Bibby) aspirations of a fresh relationship in Coronation Street are abruptly dashed.

For the last several months, Summer has been gone from Weatherfield while she settles into her new life at a university in Boston, Massachusetts.

Summer was anxious to go shortly after receiving this placement offer; she wanted to remain and take care of Paul (Peter Ash), who suffers from motor neurone illness.

As they spoke, Paul and Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) advised Summer to accept her university placement and go on with her life since Paul would be taken care of by other family members while she was away.

There’s a little awkwardness between Summer’s family and Felix. (Image: ITV)

Summer waved farewell to the cobbles, feeling comforted, but she’s back home now.

Future episodes of the ITV soap opera will include Summer and Felix, portrayed by Hollywood icon Robin Morrissey, dropping by the apartment.

But as soon as they enter, they hear Paul using his Eyegaze gadget to deliver a disparaging message about Felix.

Felix exits, leaving Summer embarrassed, while Billy and Todd (Gareth Pierce) search frantically for the mute button.

Later in the week, Summer informs Paul that Felix has departed for America and expresses her sadness at his departure.

But does Summer’s relationship with Felix really come to an end now?

Or would he be able to come back?

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