Hope lost as a daring plan to save Emmerdale’s jailed Matty backfires 

The future is uncertain. (Image: ITV)

Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) of Emmerdale is now incarcerated for a court appearance, after allegations that he purposefully stabbed Samson Dingle (Sam Hall).

Actually, Samson’s friend Josh had accidentally pushed him into the knife he was carrying, and Matty had armed himself during a transphobic assault.

Unfortunately for Matty, Samson abandoned the family code and continues to believe the falsehood that Matty rushed him while brandishing a knife.

Because Matty is struggling in jail, his terrified mother Moira (Natalie J Robb) will stop at nothing to get her son out.

Moira and Amy are concerned about Matty. (Image: ITV)

In essence, Moira isn’t coping, and tragedy is inevitable given that. Moira is a wreck when it comes to anything happening to her kids, particularly after Holly. Normally, she is so strong.

Moira becomes quite anxious when Matty discloses that he is a transsexual prisoner who has not been taking his medicine and is afraid to take a shower.

She decides she has had enough and begins to plan his release. While Cain (Jeff Hordley) makes an effort to get Samson to come clean, Samson is unwilling to acknowledge anything.

Given that he abandoned Lydia (Karen Blick) when she disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted, Samson seems to be the bad apple among the Dingles.

To him, the Dingle Code has no meaning. The young Dingle’s refusal to alter his account enrages Cain.

In order to get Samson to retract his remark, Moira pulls out all the stops. She even devises a cunning strategy that entails following him into the Woolpack restrooms.

However, the poorly thought out plan totally backfires, putting Matty in even more danger. Does Moira now know his fate?

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