ITV Coronation Street icon Julie Goodyear makes rare social media appearance amid dementia battle

Julie Goodyear played the legendary character Bet Lynch in the ITV soap
Julie Goodyear played the legendary character Bet Lynch in the ITV soap (Image: WireImage)

After receiving a dementia diagnosis, Coronation Street icon Julie Goodyear made a rare public appearance by grinning for the camera while out to lunch.

Iconic Coronation Street star Julie Goodyear made a rare public appearance with her spouse after her Alzheimer diagnosis.

October of last year was the last time the 82-year-old actress, who portrayed the renowned Bet Lynch in the ITV serial opera, was seen. However, the celebrity was seen grinning broadly as she went out to lunch in Heywood, Lancashire, her hometown, with her spouse Scott Brand. Scott shared a photo of Julie in public with the message, “My Julie at her best today.”

This comes after her friend Mark Llewellin—the late Roy Barraclough’s partner—provided an update on the star’s health on the Coronation Street podcast. “Julie is really living a good life,” he said. She still has a thing for leopard print, I’m happy to report. I spend a few hours with her and have afternoon tea in her home, which I refer to as leopard print boulevard, whenever I meet her, which is at least once or occasionally twice a week.”

“She’s quite happy, she goes out quite a bit,” he said. On Sundays, I bring her chocolate cake, which we devour together—well, not really, she won’t allow me have any.She is OK; everyone knows that she has dementia. However, it is incorrect to claim that someone has dementia; one must live with dementia. It modifies your capabilities and perspective on life. I believe Julie has shown great bravery and strength in that regard.”

Corrie icon Julie Goodyear makes rare public appearance ( Image: Facebook)
Julie Goodyear played the legendary character Bet Lynch in the ITV soap ( Image: WireImage)

As the illness develops, Julie’s husband disclosed in March of this year that her signature leopard print clothing and lipsticks were no longer an option. “Julie has always been incredibly glamorous; she goes nowhere without makeup,” he clarified. However, the makeup and lipsticks are no longer used, and the clothes—especially the leopard print ones—are boring.” “I mourn the fun-loving wife that Julie had always been,” he said. “I miss her exuberant personality that made every place she went seem better and her smile that made every room seem better. Now that everything is gradually disappearing, I am going through a great deal of grief to see this decline.”

After Scott brought plaster to assist restore Julie’s house in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, the pair were married in 2007. After appearing in the soap opera from 1966 to 2003, the celebrity became well-known throughout many generations. In 1996, she received an MBE for her contributions to theatre. Julie can no longer be independent and has to rely on a wheelchair. “One of the biggest things is our holidays,” he went on. Julie used to like travelling and eagerly anticipated our trips together, but this has ceased. We can no longer part, and as I would never abandon Julie, I can also no longer part.”

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