ITV Coronation Street Steve’s new love interest ‘sealed’ after very unlikely spark

Coronation Street spoilers have teased a new love interest for Steve McDonald next week
Coronation Street spoilers have teased a new love interest for Steve McDonald next week (Image: ITV)

Following a very improbable spark with a resident on the cobbles, Coronation Street spoilers hint that Steve McDonald will have a new love interest next week.

Spoilers for Coronation Street’s next episode hint at Steve McDonald’s potential new love interest.

Fans of soap operas may remember that earlier this year, Tracy Barlow, Steve’s estranged wife, looked to be leaving the cobblestones. She was seen bidding farewell to her father Ken Barlow and daughter Amy Barlow. After finishing her drink at The Rovers, she hugged her loved ones and departed from the cobbles, perhaps permanently, to begin a new life in Spain with her partner Tommy Orpington.

Ever since, Steve’s dating life has been beset by misfortune. Nevertheless, when they clicked, things were promising with Demi, and Steve was certain that she was ‘The One’. However, it became regretfully evident very quickly that Steve wasn’t over Tracy and that he still hated Tommy O for taking his girlfriend, and Demi finally broke up with him.

According to next week’s revelations, Steve could be acquiring a new girlfriend following an extremely improbable spark. This week’s events saw Bobby Crawford calling for an ambulance as soon as he noticed Ken Barlow lying at the foot of the stairs, out of worry. Later this week, Ken is shocked to learn that he will require 24-hour care while he heals, and the family comes together the next week.

Coronation Street spoilers have teased a new love interest for Steve McDonald next week ( Image: ITV)

In later sequences, Ken’s family will talk about possible care packages for him and question how they’re going to pay for them. Soon after, Cassie Plummer pays close attention and informs the family that she will take care of Ken for a fourth of the cost of a professional. Though Steve is forced to unwillingly agree, Daniel and Amy believe it’s a great idea, and Cassie is excited about her new career path.

Later on in the week, Steve plays along with Ken, telling him that Cassie is a certified carer that they recruited via an agency. Cassie won’t be working at No. 1 for long, but when she says she didn’t have any training and merely stepped in to help out and save the family some money, Ken gets quite upset. Can Cassie persuade Ken that she is a suitable match for the position and that she has been truthful with the family about her lack of qualifications from the beginning?

When Cassie visits Ken the next day to take care of him after the revelation, Steve enjoys telling her that her first job is to trim Ken’s toenails. Cassie had to suppress her distaste in order to continue working. Later, while he’s enjoying Cassie’s company, Ken offers they go out to lunch.

Amy, Steve’s daughter, finds it funny how much Cassie irritates her father. Soon after, she tells him there could be a spark between them and that he’s hiding his feelings for her. Steve flatly disputes it, and Amy pretends not to be amused. But may Amy be onto something, and could Steve’s next romantic interest be Cassie?

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