ITV Emmerdale fans fear for Belle Dingle as she makes huge mistake in abortion plot

Watchers of Emmerdale were filled with concern for Belle Dingle when she made a grave error while trying to have an abortion away from her violent husband, Tom King.

Fans of Emmerdale were quick to draw attention to a big problem when Belle Dingle (played by Eden Taylor Draper) made a crucial choice. Currently pregnant, Belle isn’t as excited about the idea of being a parent as her husband Tom King (James Chase).

Since they first started dating, Tom has been abusing his wife, and Belle recognises she can’t raise a kid in such a home. In the most recent episode of the well-liked ITV soap opera, Belle surreptitiously scheduled a termination, but she was left wondering how she would be able to show up for the meeting without Tom finding out.

Later, after discovering the vehicle keys at home, Belle jumped at the opportunity to arrange her trip and secretly use Tom’s car when his employer Rhona Goskirk (Zoey Henry) asked her to attend a veterinary call-out. Belle made the decision not to remove her phone since she knew Tom had been watching her every step.

Belle agreed to watch the dog for a few hours when she bumped into Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell), and when Amelia was out, Belle carefully put her phone in baby Esther’s pram.

When she got to the clinic, she found out she was four weeks along. She was informed that, should she want to continue, she may undergo a medical abortion after speaking with the nurse.

Belle’s life has been completely under Tom’s supervision (Image: ITV)

It was suggested that she take two medicines over a two-day period, which would cause cramps and bleeding.

Belle’s anguish was instantly observed by the nurse, who asked how she was doing. After some hesitation, Belle finally admitted that her husband Tom was unaware of the decision that would change her life.

Belle was emphatic about not wanting to carry out her pregnancy, even though she was provided therapy to make sure her choice was solid.

Belle had a near miss when she spotted Tom and Rhona approaching the vehicle on the way home, but luckily, they missed her. She did, however, unintentionally leave a parking ticket for the clinic in the car.

She had no idea that Tom was monitoring the whereabouts of her phone.

Belle soon stepped in and said that they were all out for a stroll when Tom bumped into Amelia and Esther and asked why they had the puppy. While Tom was preoccupied, she was able to get her phone back.

When Belle got home, she locked herself in the toilet to take the first tablet, which only made her anxiety worse. Fans of Emmerdale are worried about Belle’s situation and what will happen when Tom finds out about the parking ticket.

“Oh Belle, you were so close, the parking ticket!” was tweeted by @boats_water. #Emmerdale.

On social media, @SG902110 wrote: “Belle left the ticket on the floor ffs #Emmerdale.”

Belle Dingle of Emmerdale wed Tom in February (Image: ITV).

Comment from @DionPetrie: “Belle, the ticket! #Emmerdale.

As said by @RubyKathryn1, “Oh my god if Tom finds that ticket #emmerdale.”

“God help Belle if that abusive twat she married finds the parking ticket #Emmerdale,” tweeted user @MeeshyJay.

Commenting in the meanwhile, @ifeelflames said, “Belle is really not great at hiding her tracks. He’s gonna find the parking ticket or the pills and kill her #Emmerdale.”

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