ITV Emmerdale’s Tom King exposed as Belle Dingle learns worrying detail

Emmerdale’s Tom King is set to be exposed on the hit ITV soap next week (Image: ITV)

When villainous Tom King is revealed on the popular ITV soap opera Emmerdale next week, and Belle Dingle finds out a troubling revelation about her violent husband, there will be dramatic scenes.

The popular ITV soap opera Emmerdale will reveal Tom King’s identity the following week.

With Tom and Belle Dingle, the ITV soap opera is exploring a coercive control plotline. Recently, viewers have witnessed Tom controlling and isolating his spouse Belle. Recent incidents took an even more tragic turn when Tom became angry, his depraved conduct getting worse, and he was watching her.

This week, after a series of stunning moments, Belle discovers she is pregnant. The following week, the character is filled with anxiety as she confides in the midwife and says she wants a termination. Belle is disappointed that it has come to this and has scheduled a scan appointment. Later, when Tom gets home, Belle hurriedly hangs up with the cab company and conceals everything from her violent husband.

Belle takes advantage of Tom’s comment on her cosmetics by politely asking him to snap a picture and strategically pinning his phone. After a little while, Belle unlocks her phone and tries to use her banking app to pay for the cab ride as Tom walks upstairs. However, Belle is soon shocked to learn that Tom has been following her around for months and is shocked by this startling revelation. After learning of the finding, Belle feels stuck and is unable to persuade Tom to allow her to drive the automobile.

Next week, on the popular ITV soap opera Emmerdale, Tom King will be revealed (Image: ITV)

Belle finds an extra key, but she’s not sure if she should take a chance and drive to the abortion facility. In the meantime, Belle secretly places her phone in Esther’s pram to prevent Tom from finding her, and Amelia grudgingly offers to watch her dog Piper. Fearful that she is being seen, Belle enters Tom’s vehicle. Belle is convinced she cannot have this baby while at the clinic, but she is having trouble understanding her relationship with Tom. What will happen next, and will Tom find out?

“Soaps give viewers a peek into people’s private lives and expose the falsity of what people present to the outside world.” The unfortunate truth is that this kind of attitude in a relationship is much too common. I really hope we tell this narrative well. And those in such circumstances ought to seek assistance without a doubt.”

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