Jay Slater: Missing Brit teen in Tenerife ‘cut his leg on cactus’ before disappearing

Apprentice bricklayer Jay, 19, was holidaying in Tenerife with friends when he was reported missing
Apprentice bricklayer Jay, 19, was holidaying in Tenerife with friends when he was reported missing (Image: Instagram)

Absent A friend who has assisted in the hunt for the apprentice bricklayer in Tenerife claims that Jay Slater, 19, hurt his leg on a cactus before going missing.

A friend of missing adolescent Jay Slater believes that before going missing, he may have injured his leg on a cactus.

trainee for a bricklayer When Jay, 19, went missing, it was while on vacation in Tenerife with pals for the NRG Tenerife Weekender event. After hanging out with several friends the previous evening, Jay called his buddy Lucy Mae early on Monday morning to say he was trying to take a lengthy trek back via a hilly terrain.

When Jay was last heard from, he informed a friend that he would be walking back to his accommodations since he had missed the bus, and that it would take him around eleven hours to get there. He “cut his leg on a cactus,” according to Lucy Law, and he was “not a stupid boy.” She said to Sky News that she had searched the area for mountains adjacent to a house that was seen in an internet picture that Jay had uploaded. “He will be extremely warm during the day without a drink, and he will be extremely cold during the night without appropriate clothing because it is very warm during the day and very cold at night,” the woman said.

After missing a bus, Jay informed a friend he was going to walk back to his accommodations when he was last heard from. (Photo courtesy of MEN Media)

“I knocked on the door and there were two persons there when we found the residence. They informed me that he had conversed with the neighbours next door, who had informed him that a bus departing for Los Cristianos departs every ten minutes. It’s simply a road and hills; nothing special about it. I don’t see why he would leave the home and then decide to go for a stroll. I believe he may have started out walking on a battery and was unaware of how lengthy the trek is in reality.”

The search has been extended to the south of Tenerife, to the popular tourist destinations of Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas, which are close to the adolescent’s accommodations, according to police confirmation yesterday. At 1:30 p.m. local time, a Civil Guard official said, “The search operation has moved to the south of the island.” Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos are the search areas. Clearly, it has to do with the material gathered as the inquiry has gone on. As of right now, the search has been suspended in the rugged region north of Masca.

His mum has come to the island to assist in the search. “I believe he’s been taken against his will based on what has been said,” she said, adding that the police were handling it. Simply said, it’s traumatising and unreal. It’s really terrible, just terrible. Everyone aspired to be with him since he is a wonderful guy. He’s a popular lad and attractive.

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