MEDICAL EMERGENCY Emmerdale star Hayley Tamaddon in tears as she is rushed to hospital in ‘horrendous’ pain

Hayley Tamaddon, star of EMMERDALE, was taken to the hospital after experiencing “horrendous” agony to the point that she felt like her “head was going to explode.”

The 47-year-old soap opera star described her situation on her Instagram page after being admitted to the medical ward and fitted with a drip.

Soap star Hayley Tamaddon has been rushed to hospital after suffering horrendous painCredit: Getty
The Emmerdale star was forced to pull out of a glam photoshoot and head to hospital insteadCredit: Getty
The mum of one described her horror ordeal on InstagramCredit: Instagram
Hayley plays Del Dingle in the ITV soapCredit: ITV

Emmerdale fans remember Hayley from her role as Del Dingle in the adored Yorkshire-based soap opera.

However, she missed yesterday’s shooting due to sickness.

Hayley posted the following on her Instagram Stories: “Today. Awoke. I felt like my skull was about to blow up.

“Twice puked up. to the nursery with Jasper. prepared for a picture session.

“Got there and realised I really should see a doctor.”

“Ended up in hospital on a drip for medication,” she continued. It was unsuccessful. Head and neck pain is excruciating.

“Performed a scan. I was informed that I had arthritis. returned home.

“Selected Jasper. brewed tea. Jasper should go to bed.

She continued, acknowledging that her suffering persisted: “Took some medications. shed a tear.

“I’ll be returning to the hospital tomorrow. The life of a working single mother.”

It’s still unknown how serious her medical situation is.

However, almost 10 million individuals in the UK suffer from arthritis, which makes joints hurt, stiffen, and swell.


Since her kid was sent to the emergency room in April, Hayley’s family has had a difficult year in terms of medical issues.

She said how the child “couldn’t stop being sick,” so the family decided to check him out at the hospital.


Once again, Hayley made care to update her admirers by describing how he was going through “many tests.”

With her former fiancé Adrian, with whom Hayley broke up in 2022, she shares Jasper.

In 2019, she disclosed her pregnancy to the estate agent within weeks, and they soon got engaged.

In Emmerdale and Coronation Street, Hayley portrayed Andrea Beckett in leading roles.

She acted in The Good Ship Murder as well.

Fans, however, were unable to accept her actual age back in January, even with her remarkable lifespan.

On her special day, January 24, the celebrity revealed that she was ill once again, posting on social media, “So today I turn 47.” I am proud of myself, therefore even though I’m sick and haven’t been able to party, I DO want to enjoy being 47.”

A short gush from an admirer said, “You look amazing for 47. Better yet, 37! “

Hayley played Del from 2005 until 2007Credit: ITV
The star is mum to son Jasper, with her ex fiance AdrianCredit: @hayleysoraya/Instagram

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