OPEN PRISON Matty Barton’s prison terror takes disturbing twist as he opens up to cellmate about being trans in Emmerdale

Has Matty made things worse for himself by opening up?

MATTY Barton’s prison terror takes a disturbing twist as he opens up to his cellmate about being trans in Emmerdale.

The character – played by Ash Palmisciano – was recently sent to prison until his case is heard for the stabbing of Samson Dingle.

Matty Barton’s prison terror takes a disturbing twist as he opens up to his cellmate about being trans in EmmerdaleCredit: ITV
Matty is being questioned by prison menace Robbo when hardman Les shows upCredit: ITV
Les puts Robbo firmly in his place before Matty decides to open up to himCredit: ITV

In recent episodes, Matty struggled while incarcerated until discovering, to his dismay, that hardman Les had moved in with him.

Les kept Matty, the jail rookie, worried about his safety in his cell by taunting him with a succession of sharp and disconcerting jokes.

However, Les saves Matty in future scenes from Emmerdale when a scary Robbo attempts to get the scoop on Matty but doesn’t get very far.

Robbo backs off when Les gives him a hard gaze, but Matty is now more anxious than before.

Les later starts teaching Matty jail etiquette.

Matty asks Les about the inquiries he’ll get from other convicts because he’s worried about how other people will see him.

Matty takes a chance and confides in Les, apprehensively revealing to him that he is transsexual, after trying out the advice his cellmate provided him.

Les assures Matty that he would mind his own business but issues a warning that others may not be as understanding after questioning Matty about it and his choice to enter a male jail.

Will Matty’s life in jail become any easier?

Ash recently discussed the importance of addressing transphobia in the narrative and his character’s most recent plotline.

“Not everyone is super accepting,” he said. It’s wonderful that Matty has that backing.

It’s nice to report that we recently saw the wedding; it was a happy and thrilling occasion. On TV, everything seemed really amazing.

However, there are instances when we must highlight the negative aspects of it, such as how it may turn out badly and be really harsh for someone like Matty.

“It presents a more comprehensive view of his life. I was ecstatic, and it’s wonderful that we can reflect that and share that tale.”

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