Relief all round as Emmerdale’s Dawn and Billy finally get some good news 

Dawn and Billy in tears as Evan is rushed to hospital in Emmerdale
A breakthrough at last (Picture: ITV)

After baby Evan’s leukaemia diagnosis, Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) have had a terrifying few weeks. It tests them individually and as a family. It tests them as a pair.

When Dawn, who was scared, saw that the infant had several bruises, a diagnosis was made. Dawn made the decision to stay in the hospital with Evan after the doctor informed them that Evan needed to begin treatment right away.

This caused a great deal of stress for both her and Billy. She started to feel angry that he was able to leave the hospital and resume his usual life, and he felt the same way about her being able to stay with Evan while he had to go back home and support their family.

They have had to relearn how to communicate because it has been a difficult period for them both.

However, there have been other hiccups along the way. For example, Dawn’s desire to make the “pain go away” caused Will (Dean Andrews) to worry that she would revert to drug use. Dawn’s birth mother Rose (Christine Tremeco) tries clumsily to assist her by giving sleeping medication to a recovering addict.

Since Rose’s goal is to bed Will and ruin Kim’s (Claire King) life on behalf of Ruby (Beth Cordingly), it goes without saying that she isn’t actually there to help. There will eventually be more terrible news for Dawn, as a result.

Their relationship has been strained by the experience (Picture: ITV).

However, there is some positive news coming soon. Evan the baby is well enough to return home.

His parents are ecstatic to be able to bring the toddler back to Home Farm, and this is precisely what the family has been waiting for.

However, despite the impression that everything is OK and can get back to normal, this is not the case.

Dawn is growing extremely anxious around her kid, terrified that she may unintentionally infect him and cause his death.

Things got so terrible that she can’t even embrace her other children for fear of spreading the germs.

It appears that Dawn has a new struggle ahead of her. What does her future hold?

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