SPOUSE SECRET Laurel Thomas makes chilling discovery about husband Jai Sharma in Emmerdale

Chris Bisson – who plays Jai – has opened up about his character’s return to the ‘dark side’

In Emmerdale, Laurel Thomas learns a startling truth about her husband Jai Sharma.

Following Pollard’s decision to use his father Amit as a pawn in blackmail a few weeks ago, Jai has been under a lot of strain.

Laurel Thomas makes a chilling discovery about husband Jai Sharma in EmmerdaleCredit: ITV
Laurel notices a tense exchange between her husband and PollardCredit: ITV
Because of his father Amit’s departure from the hamlet, Pollard has been blackmailing Jai.Credit: ITV

Pollard saw Jai evicting his father from the community and denying him any ownership of the HOP for his kid Suni.

Jai’s wife Laurel observes a heated discussion between her husband and the elderly in future Emmerdale episodes, but Jai hides his anger at Pollard.

Later, when Pollard doesn’t pay for his drinks, Laurel becomes suspicious and asks Jai to talk to her about it.

Laurel comes to Mulberry Cottage after taking the advise, and she questions Jai about Pollard’s harsh demeanour.

Jai senses the net drawing near, but will he be honest with Laurel?

Next week, in another situation, Suni goes to Laurel for guidance on how to handle an eager-to-leave Nicky.

Reminding Suni of the value of compromise in their relationship, Laurel assures him that Jai would be heartbroken if he left right away.

Suni walked away reflective. Will Nicky have the ability to persuade him to go?

And if Laurel discovers what Jai has done to his sister, will her perspective change?

The actor who portrays Jai, Chris Bisson, spoke candidly earlier this year about the return of the evil side of his alter ego after learning that Amit was responsible for the murder of Rishi, the man he had always thought was his father until a short time before he passed away.

He declared: “[This] has altered him inside, and moving ahead, it may have an impact on how he sees relationships, people, and life in general.

“His approach to commercial dealings will undoubtedly also be impacted.

“I believe he will get somewhat more cruel. He believes that he was somewhat taken advantage of and that this will never happen to him again. So maybe Bad Jai is back after all.”

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