Toyah and Nick caught in passionate embrace in dramatic Coronation Street twist

Nick and Toyah kissing on the sofa in Corrie
Oh dear! (Picture: ITV)

Soon, on Coronation Street, Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) and Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) give in to their growing chemistry once again.

The ITV soap opera’s plotline, which fans had been anticipating for a few weeks, began on Monday, June 10, when Toyah found herself in Nick’s arms and the two kissed passionately.

As fans are aware, Nick is the longstanding boyfriend and fiancé of Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson), Toyah’s sister. Rowan (Emrhys Cooper), the cult leader, is now manipulating and gaslighting Leanne, who has been instrumental in bringing Nick and Toyah together.

Nick gave Leanne an ultimatum, but she refused to keep Rowan and his group, The Institute, at a distance and stormed out of the apartment.

After her sister’s departure, Toyah was available to console an emotional Nick, and one thing led to another!

On the day of Rose’s burial, Toyah will have an emotional breakdown in later episodes. When she notices Rowan observing from Victoria Garden outside the undertakers, she dashes over to give him a nudge and tell him he’s not welcome.

After the funeral, Leanne acknowledges that Rowan, not her, paid for the burial and that she doesn’t really have any funds.

Toyah returns home and discovers Nick by himself. After some time of conversation, Nick hugs Toyah and gives her a passionate kiss. But while all of this is going on, Nick and Toyah are blind to the fact that a guy is observing them closely from the abandoned builder’s yard.

Rowan interrupts Toyah’s opportunity to say goodbye to Rose (Picture: ITV)

Nick and Toyah decide that after enjoying an afternoon of sex, they should avoid each other as much as possible and that it can’t happen again.

Will this, however, be the case?

Actress Georgia Taylor said that Toyah finds it really perplexing. Nick is essentially her brother-in-law, and while they haven’t always gotten along, it’s not as if she’s been secretly attracted to him.

So she was completely unprepared for this. These sentiments are beginning to get a little hazy, even though they have both supported one another throughout these very trying times in life over the last several weeks.

Toyah adores her sister, but Leanne pushes her away repeatedly whenever she feels bad about depending on Nick. When you’re upset with someone and you also feel bad about what you did to them, it may be challenging.

“Toyah feels a lot of conflict over this.”

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