UN-SUSPECTING Coronation Street killer Joel Deering finds a new vulnerable target – and she’s a familar face

Joel Deering, a street murderer in Coronation, may have discovered his next victim.

Viewers had already learned that he was the one responsible for Lauren Bolton’s (Cait Fitton) disappearance.

Joel Deering might have his eyes on another vulnerable target in the form of Max’ girlfriend SabrinaCredit: ITV
He found her outside the police station in distressed state due to her brothers arrestCredit: ITV

When David Neilson’s character Roy Cropper performed a kind gesture and cleaned Lauren’s apartment after she vanished, the police mistakenly believed that he had killed her.

Roy was released after Nathan Curtis (Christopher Harper), a website subscriber, was falsely accused of being the murderer.

Nevertheless, it was eventually discovered that Joel (Calum Lill), who severely abused the helpless blonde, was to blame for her abduction.

Still, he plays the good man on the street, and his girlfriend Dee Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) is still blind to his actual self.

Joel maintains the delusion in later episodes when he confides in his future bride.

He expresses his sadness at continuing to keep his parents in the dark about his engagement.

He then notices Max’s girlfriend Sabrina (Luana Santos) outside the police station, but he’s got other ideas.

After learning of her brother’s police arrest, she is very distressed.

He tells the distraught girl to contact him and gives her his business card with his cellphone number on it.

She is comforted when her buddy soon joins her, but Joel has reverted to his wicked planning ways.

Joel was previously revealed to viewers to be behind the disappearance of Lauren BoltonCredit: ITV
He is sad that he cannot share the engagement news to his parentsCredit: ITV
The lawyer was already revealed to be the man behind Lauren Bolton’s disappearanceCredit: ITV

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