Bhasker Patel became suspicious of Emmerdale bosses and broke down in tears when his character was killed off

‘I thought, something is a foot here’

Bhasker Patel sends a heartfelt message to fans his exit from Emmerdale (Image: Emmerdale)

According to Bhasker Patel, he sobbed as his Emmerdale character was killed off.

During the summer, fans of Emmerdale saw the terrible death of Bhasker Patel’s character, Rishi Sharma. As he was preparing to go to Jai and Laurel’s wedding, the character was seen falling down the stairs and passing alone by himself.

Bhasker, 67, has discussed his departure and becoming mistrustful of Emmerdale executives with the Metro staff. The Emmerdale family is a terrific set to work with and I learned a lot from them. It also gives you a beautiful profile. When Rishi passed away, the online outpouring of support made me weep, Bhasker said. I will miss working with them.

As Rishi’s story took a turn for the worst, Bhasker said he sensed something wasn’t right. “We need a big story, you know Rishi lost Nikhil and Priya and Manpreet… they said, we’ll bring Manpreet to you and when they didn’t, I thought, something is afoot here,” the actor said. I believed it was okay when Jane Hudson, the departing executive producer of Emmerdale, said, “We need a big story and we’re going to kill Rishi off.”

Regarding the way he was shocked to leave Emmerdale, Bhasker said he had no ill will.

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