Coronation Street fans ‘not ready’ as they say same thing about Paul Foreman star

The actor was seen during the latest trip to Weatherfield as Paul continues to navigate life with Motor Neurone Disease

Paul Foreman, played by Peter Ash, in Coronation Street (Image: ITV)

As they are left with the same opinions about Paul Foreman actor Peter Ash, Coronation Street viewers have said that they are “not ready.” During Paul’s most recent visit to Weatherfield, the actor was seen navigating Paul’s life with motor neurone disease (MND).

In April of last year, former builder Paul was informed of the life-shortening condition, for which there is now no known solution. In this disease, signals from the motor neurones eventually cease reaching the muscles.

Then, earlier this year, viewers of the ITV soap opera witnessed Billy Mayhew, Paul’s spouse, learn what Paul had been covertly preparing after witnessing the tragic moment in which Paul expressed to Todd Grimshaw his desire to decide when to end his life as his symptoms from the life-limiting illness worsened.

Billy ultimately promised to be there for his spouse and support him when he determines the time has come for him to take his own life, despite his initial resistance to accept Paul’s plan. The couple, along with Todd and Summer Spellman, who was also told of the fatal plot before to her travel to America, have subsequently continued with their lives, each knowing that they were harbouring a secret.

Since then, Paul’s health has continued to worsen. On Monday night’s (June 10) episode of Corrie, fans favourite character was spotted going to an appointment with Billy and the MND nurse. The nurse informed them that Paul would eventually lose the ability to use the stair lift that is currently used to get him in and out of the flat because of his weakening neck muscles.

A devastated Paul thought he could have to spend the rest of his life inside when he was seated in the hospital. When he returned to the streets, he and Billy were seen sitting in Vitoria Garden as it began to rain. Paul expressed his desire to fully enjoy the weather, despite the change in conditions, with an emotive statement, “I just want to make the most of it, whilst I still can.”

Paul’s health is still becoming worse (Image: ITV)

Although it left Corrie viewers ‘not ready’ for Paul’s inevitable early demise, many praised Peter’s performance. According to @kristen.stewart.moments, Peter Ash has been incredible. I will be sad to lose him.” “So so sad but what a brilliant actor that plays Paul,” said @dee381456, in a comment.

“He is such a great actor and it is getting so close to the end for poor Paul,” observed @pjv_theoutcast. @joshuagoulden5 shared: “Paul is a bad man. It’s a terrible sickness! He does a great job playing his role. What a talented actor. “Peter Ash’s portrayal of Paul is as painful and heartbreaking as it is brilliant,” @johnny33m continued. Peter and Coronation Street deserve praise for their depiction of this narrative, which honours and enlightens those who are coping with this sickness.”

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