Coronation Street spoiler videos confirm resident suspended as major return rocks the cobbles

Another eventful week on the nation’s favourite fictional street (Picture: ITV)

Next week, Coronation Street will deliver some explosive and dramatic narrative developments, and these brand-new Metro video snippets give you a little taste of what’s in store.

For the last several months, the ITV soap opera has been the center of drama, captivating the country with its scandalous relationships and heartbreaking experiences.

But wait, there’s more to come. Tracy Barlow’s secret romance is about to be revealed, thanks to one of her neighbors, making next week especially exciting.

It’s time to face the melody!

While one tenant is beaming like the lucky cat after receiving a startling return, Dylan Wilson is dealing with some serious concerns at school.

Our favorite made-up street is about to have another gloriously hectic week, but if you can’t wait, don’t worry—I’ve gotten you three brand-new video.

I mean, not every hero has a cape on.

Monday February 26

Rarely does Tracy run out of things to say, but that’s precisely what occurs in the clip above, which is from Monday’s episode of the popular serial in which Tim Metcalfe confronts her about her relationship with Tommy Orpington.

When Tracy asks Tim whether he has added mindreading to his “skillset,” he responds, “Don’t bamboozle me with big words!” Mindreading isn’t really a very large term, in Tracy’s defense.

In any case, Tim is insisting that she come clean to her gullible husband Steve, so she’s not winning this battle. Is our Trace going to do that? Or will she be able to get herself out of this precarious situation?

Wednesday February 28

Following Liam Connor’s bullying experience, Dylan and Sean go to a meeting in Mrs. Crawshaw’s office. To Sean’s dismay, Mrs. Crawshaw suspends Dylan for his actions, even though it is obvious that Mason was the ring leader. Dylan blames himself.

Will Mason ever have to pay for what he caused to poor Liam? Or will Dylan speak the truth and do the right thing?

Friday March 1

After a confrontation with Bethany Platt, who very aggressively exploited her predicament with Ryan and Daniel Osbourne as the foundation for an article, Daisy “broods” and “seethes” (her words, not mine!).

In an attempt to lift her spirits, Jenny enters the Rovers backroom and introduces her visitor—who happens to be none other than Ryan—who instantly makes her grin again.

Who, to her defense, wouldn’t be happy to see Ryan? especially now that he’s back in his rightful place!

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