Coronation Street spoilers: Adam spirals as his life falls apart in drunken chaos

Adam attempts to forget about everything that’s happened (Picture: ITV)

In Coronation Street, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) turns to alcohol to cope with the fallout from Sarah Platt’s (Tina O’Brien) lies.

Adam was unaware that he misinterpreted Sarah during a chat regarding the paternity test results, which is how he came to believe during the previous few weeks that he is the father of Sarah’s child.

Adam made the decision to embarrass Sarah at a gender reveal party as he became suspicious. For the occasion, he had arranged for a balloon to be created, but when Sarah opened the box, the balloon read “It’s Damon’s,” not “It’s a boy,” as she had hoped it would.

Sarah pleaded for a second chance, but Adam said he could never trust her again.

However, when Sarah developed stomach problems and was taken to the hospital, Adam was there to support her. When she learned she had lost the child, Adam was humiliated and assumed that Sarah’s worry had anything to do with the miscarriage.

The fact that Adam subsequently revealed to Daniel (Rob Mallard) that his marriage to Sarah ended the moment she slept with Damon and that he is now seeking a divorce makes it quite evident that things have soured for the couple.

Adam heads into town to get drunk (Picture: ITV)

Adam makes the decision to get drunk in the bar garden while navigating his new life alone and tells Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) that he is going into town to forget about the last several weeks.

The next morning, a disheveled Adam returns from his night out and tells Daniel that he had a fantastic time and didn’t get much sleep in an effort to make Sarah envious.

What influence will drinking have on Adam’s present panic episodes brought on by his intense emotions?

As he spends time in town with strangers rather than thinking about what occurred, is he set to make additional mistakes?

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