Coronation Street spoilers: Furious Jenny hits out at serial killer Stephen

Stephen and Jenny in the pub in Corrie
Stephen attempts to impress (Picture: ITV)

Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) desperately wants to be with Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) in Coronation Street, away from the killings and shady businessman character.

Jenny made it obvious to him that they wouldn’t have a chance while he was with Elaine. Todd Boyce earlier told us, “He realizes that he probably shouldn’t have said something to her, so he believes he needs to wait his turn.

He has been crazy for Jenny from the first time they kissed, and she is the objective in his eyes.

Of course, one of the most significant changes in recent weeks is the fact that Elaine (Paula Wilcox) no longer dates Stephen. She made the decision to discontinue their relationship after learning that he was a fraud and discovering his bogus life insurance paperwork.

Stephen now has the ideal chance to return to Jenny, who just experienced heartache after being informed that she needed to speak with a developer about selling the Rovers Return.

Jenny attempted to sell the bar to the Newton family after failing to resolve the financial issues, but Henry (George Banks) gently informed her that they would not be interested in purchasing it.

The situation altered when Henry persuaded Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) that if she became his personal assistant, he may think about preserving the Rovers.

Jenny was recently given bad news about the pub (Picture: ITV)

In later episodes, Stephen tries to cheer Jenny up by inviting her to join him at a wine tasting event after a tough few weeks.

When Jenny finds herself at Lily’s (Brooke Malonie) birthday party that afternoon, she is less than delighted, but can Stephen win her over?

And if that is the case, what will happen to businessman Owen (Ben Hull), who has long been Jenny’s crush and Stephen’s foe?

Could this make Owen more envious, which would put him in risk if he confronts the homicidal Stephen Reid?

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