Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne declares love for someone behind Nick’s back – and it’s not Rowan

Leanne joins a zoom call in the office at the Bistro in Corrie
A massive betrayal? (Picture: ITV)

When Jane Danson’s character Leanne Battersby shortly returns from a retreat on Coronation Street, she will be harbouring a very big secret.

A few weeks earlier, Leanne abandoned the cobbles when cult leader Rowan (Emmys Cooper) suggested that she visit The Institute.

The organisation Rowan leads is dangerous, as Toyah (Georgia Taylor) and Nick (Ben Price) know, but Leanne has been tricked into believing it’s a self-help society.

When Leanne returns from what seems to be a vacation in future episodes, she explains that the workshop went late and she chose to remain an extra night.

Toyah informs Nick about the finding (Image: ITV)

Simon (Alex Bain) tells Leanne that he’s going to go live aboard Peter’s (Chris Gascoyne) boat, and she’s upset that no one bothered to inform her.

Leanne waves her kid off, goes home, and uses her laptop to have a conversation with someone. She claims that because Simon is no longer with them, she feels totally alone and longs to be with them.

Throughout the week, Nick makes an effort to convince Leanne that Toyah is attempting to shield her from a deranged group.

Leanne won’t listen, so after Nick leaves, she opens her computer once again, beams at the person on the screen, and declares her love for them.

Toyah assumes it’s Rowan when she sees Leanne professing her love for the person on TV, but Leanne disputes it.

Nick rushes home after receiving an update from Toyah to see Rowan and Leanne cuddled up on the couch.

Is Leanne going to get an explanation?

Has she started an affair?

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