Coronation Street spoilers: Paul makes an emotional vow before his death

Paul had even another difficult day (ITV).

Another warning that Paul Foreman’s (Peter Ash) health is declining was provided to him in Coronation Street.

The character, who has motor neurone disease and lately decided to use a walking stick on Billy’s (Daniel Brocklebank) suggestion, was well aware that his right side’s mobility was deteriorating.

In the ITV soap opera airing on Wednesday, August 23, Paul and Bryn went to the park to get away from a raucous birthday party at the restaurant.

Paul was about to tell his nephew it was time to go when the boy rushed off, leaving Paul worried about what would happen next.

Paul’s leg was weak, so he fell down while attempting to pursue Bryn.

Peter (Chris Gascoyne), fortunately, was nearby and discovered Bryn. He lifted him up, brought him back to the park, and assisted Paul in standing up again.

Paul had to concede that he was too exhausted to climb the stairs as Billy and he made their way back to the apartment.

After returning home with Todd’s assistance (Gareth Pierce), Paul revealed his expectations for Billy and Billy’s wedding that evening.

Peter assisted Paul (ITV image).

He said that today had made him realize how important it is to take use of his ability to walk, so he surprised Billy with a plan to do so after they were engaged.

Billy assured a resolute Paul that he didn’t have to, but he was full of optimism since he didn’t want to put any pressure on him.

According to Daniel Brocklebank, “He’s very, very aware that that time together is coming to an end.”

And as things stand, their time is running out since, of course, the longer it goes on, the less Paul will be able to do. Because I believe we all forget that our time is already limited for everyone of us, I believe he is attempting to live each moment as we all should. We all lose sight of the fact that we should cherish every moment because we never know what lies ahead since we are all so caught up in the bs of life.

‘But I think for Billy it’s totally heartbreaking because he feels like he’s just gotten this man back and they’ve got things on track, and he felt that everything was going great, and then all of a sudden, bam,’ says the author. The future that he purchased and on which they were constructing is entirely destroyed as this creature enters the scene.

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