Dawn Taylor faces impossible choice over cancer-stricken tot Evan in Emmerdale


Dawn Taylor Faces Heartbreaking Decision Regarding Cancer-Stricken Son Evan in Emmerdale

In the next episodes of Emmerdale, Will Taylor is going to get a shock when he sees Rose Jackson selling Dawn Taylor drugs. In the ITV soap opera, Dawn will be seen as being very tired after discovering that her son Evan’s fever had increased after his chemotherapy treatment.

At the hospital, Dawn worriesly queries Billy to find out whether Evan may have come into contact with any diseases from the other kids. At the hospital, Billy becomes very upset and breaks down as he realises how difficult it will be to keep Evan safe from infections when he leaves the hospital. Clemmie and Lucas, Dawn’s other children, struggle with the limitations of not being able to go to school in the meanwhile.

Thankful, Dawn takes Rose up on her offer of relief and relaxes at Home Farm with a brandy. Will is shocked, however, when he discovers Rose giving Dawn powerful sleeping drugs. He informs Rose that Dawn is facing her last opportunity at Home Farm and warns her of the repercussions if she jeopardises her recuperation.

Dawn values their time together and forgives Rose for the situation regarding the sleeping pills, even if they didn’t understand one other. However, Rose is outraged when Kim tells her that Will is not at all ready to forgive her. In yet another twist, Ruby emphasises the dangers when Rose confides in her about the challenges in their plan to depose Kim.

Fans of Emmerdale are left wondering what will happen to their favourite soap programme as the drama plays out. Weeknights, watch ITV1 and ITVX to get the most recent updates on Emmerdale.

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