EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook ‘selling breast implants on OnlyFans for £40,000’

Danniella Westbrook is reportedly getting her eight boob job (Picture: REX)

According to reports, Danniella Westbrook is asking £40,000 for her breast implants on OnlyFans.com.

The 49-year-old EastEnders actress, who portrayed Sam Mitchell in the show’s initial edition for BBC One, reportedly flew to Turkey once more for her eighth breast operation.

Following her awful surgery encounter, Danniella said her face treatment was carried out without anesthesia.

‘I’m here in Turkey, which is my comfort zone,’ she declared. Thankfully, following my last visit, they have restored my trust in having surgery performed in Turkey.

‘I’ve had my implants taken out and I’m selling them on OnlyFans and asking for roughly £40k, how exciting,’ she said to MailOnline.

The actress reportedly underwent breast enhancement surgery at Comfort Zone Surgery in Istanbul, and she is reportedly healing.

Danniella claimed the surgeon ‘slapped’ her on the side of her face (Picture: Cat Morley / Avalon)

Danniella originated her role on the soap opera (Picture: BBC)

Danniella first discussed the impact of persistent trolling on her desire to change how she appears back in March of last year.

Daniella said at the time: “People message me, saying, “you’re so ugly, you’re an addict, you should just go and kill yourself.”” to the outlet. Additionally, I’ve received letters from people who are relieved that I won’t be returning to EastEnders because nobody wants me to scare their children on television.

“I don’t want to die today, but I also don’t want to face the world,” I thought when I first wake up.

Following her “horrific” facial reconstruction surgery, Danniella was spotted in Turkey trying on several bridal gowns while appearing to be in high spirits. This led to Danniella making adjustments to her life and looking toward the future.

Last year, her EastEnders character Sam visited Albert Square one again.

She made the decision to quit the famous program in 2001 due to personal concerns, but she later returned to play her old role in 2009 and 2010.

Metro.co.uk has been in touch with Danniella’s agents for a response.

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