Emmerdale spoiler video: Mary comes to the aid of grieving villager after huge death

In forthcoming episodes of Emmerdale, Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) will be available to assist Claudette Anderson (Flo Wilson).

Victor (Eddie Osei), Claudette’s spouse, passed away lately.

He was suspected of stealing a piece of jewelry that belonged to Jai (Chris Bisson), which led to his shocking murder.

Claudette is mourning her husband since she thinks he committed the murder; however, she is not aware that Charles (Kevin Mathurin) put the necklace in order to implicate his father.

That’s why we adore her (Picture: ITV)

Mary stops Claudette as she is using the allotments in this new video. Mary is working on something, while Claudette is by herself thinking. Claudette is initially against Mary’s suggestion to communicate and open up, but she melts when she finds out that Mary has also coped with her husband’s passing.

Though it seems like Claudette will speak, Mary reassures her that she won’t judge her. Will this assist Claudette?

Charles detested his father. (Image: ITV)

Since Claudette still doesn’t know the whole story of the robbery and Victor’s framing, will learning what her son did ruin her chances of ever moving on?

Victor had been incarcerated for years when he came to the community. Though Charles always thought it was all a hoax, he was shown as a dangerous guy seeking to change his ways.

The character has been eroding ever since Charles tried to get rid of his father by framing him for the crime, but the remorse and death haven’t stopped Charles.

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