Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla set to discover Jacob’s sordid secret

Jacob and Vic sleep together (Picture: ITV)

Another ridiculous Emmerdale couple has sprung from a serious nut allergy: Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) and Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) hit it off as their attraction grows too strong to resist.

Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) has Victoria firmly on her hit list, and she is unaware of Vic and Jacob at this point. murdered Jacob, Leyla’s son (Joe-Warren Plant), almost immediately after she told him her food had no nuts, even though it was obvious that it did.

He nearly passed away from anaphylaxis, but luckily, a lot of rapid thinking kept him alive. Leyla, though, never lets go of a resentment.

Strangely, something in Jacob was aroused by his near-death encounter with Victoria. It was the entire affair that set Victoria and Jacob’s romance ablaze. David is attempting to get her back while pretending to himself that there is still a connection between them.

David is using online dating to distract himself from Vic, but he has ended himself on a second date that he doesn’t want. As the coward that he is, he gives Jacob the responsibility of leaving her, but because he is a finer man than his father, he stops to have a drink with her in order to gently break up with her.

It piques Victoria’s envy.

After Abby departs, Victoria loses control of her green-eyed monster and moves to have Jacob to herself so they can have a long, quiet snooze. She abruptly realizes her mistake and flees, but the story does not end there. It’s only the beginning, really.

Priorities must be set aside, though, as Victoria must contend with a lustful David (Matthew Wolfenden) who is eager to win her over. Pollard attempts to help him move on, but he refuses; this man doesn’t care. He leaves to get Vic back, not realizing that he is going to run across Vic and Jacob after their post-coital encounter.

Jacob and Vic give into their feelings (Picture: ITV)

Sadistic David has no understanding what’s going on at all, so when they manage to convince him to go, the two are relieved. It seems like David is now beginning to get the message, even though he might not realize he’s walked in on them the morning after a passionate night. Is he, however?

Even though their relationship is hidden, Vic and Jacob believe they have the go-ahead now that David has backtracked. However, there is one more person they haven’t discussed: Leyla.

She is desperate to find out who Jacob’s secret lover is because she knows he has one. Vic is going to be in a lot of misery when Leyla finds out since he is already baying for his blood.

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